Scott Kazmir Walks Eight, Loses Fifth Game

Devon TeepleAnalyst IAugust 20, 2012

Eight walks sounds bad, but there are plenty of positives to be found in Scott Kazmir’s last start. 

Kazmir was facing the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs for the second time since beginning his comeback. 

The first time, they roughed him up for six runs on six hits in just one inning. This time around was a different story, however, the numbers don’t do it justice. 

Sure, Kazmir walked eight batters and dropped to 0-5, but he went six innings, the most in his eight appearances. He only allowed two earned runs and four hits while striking out four. Again, this is a testament to the hard work he is putting in.

Take away the walks and Kazmir produced his best start for the Skeeters. 

Not only that, the velocity is apparently returning to the arm that, in the past, regularly hit the upper 90’s when he first arrived on the scene in Tampa. 

On Kazmir’s twitter account he said his velocity is again reaching an impressive high:

“Last start velocity was up to 94-95.” 

In my estimation, the walks are the least of everyone’s worries. It’s the fact the Kazmir is slowly but surely getting better and better with each start.

If he can get his walks down two or three a game, it might not be the Atlantic League hitters who have to face him. It could those MLB batters he once used to mow down.


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