The 20 Biggest Criers in Sports

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The 20 Biggest Criers in Sports

There's no crying in baseball. Or any other sport for that matter.  

Surely, you've heard Jimmy Dugan's famous line from A League of Their Own. It perfectly encapsulates the opinion that many have about the place of crying in sports. Essentially that there is no place in sports for crying and that anyone who dares to engage in such behavior will be mercilessly mocked forever and ever. 

Personally, I don't share that opinion. In the hyper-competitive world of professional sports, emotions are always running high, and it's only natural that a few tears will be shed on occasion. Which means that I'm not mocking most of the people on this list—I'm just simply pointing out that they have been known to cry under certain circumstances. 

Don't worry, though, the list isn't completely free of mockery. What fun would that be? Let's take a look at some of the biggest emotional basketcases in sports. 

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