Earth To Manny!

Joe NoaCorrespondent IFebruary 25, 2009

Why do you get the impression that "Planet Manny" is slowly losing its orbit? Or is it the "Boras Comet" flashing by with its brilliant tail between his legs?

Either—or both—of these guys need a reality check.

It seems the Dodgers are the only Major League team interested in signing Manny Ramirez. Since November 2008, the Dodgers made an offer to Manny and Boras laughed them out of the office.

It was reported that the Dodgers' offer is for two years at $45 million. Boras said no and wants a four to six year deal at $25 million per season.

Can you blame the Dodgers for not upping their offer? There is no one else out there even making a phone call.

The Giants don't want him. They learned their lesson with "Planet Head Bonds." The Giants sold tickets and got some media attention when Bonds was getting closer to Aaron's home run record. But they ended up going nowhere. The Giants want to be competitive and realize they need more players to fill holes in their lineup to win.

If Manny had some gravitational pull, he would tell Boras to take the one year deal. This will give him a chance to play a full season in Los Angeles.

Manny is capable of putting up Manny numbers. He the best hitter in baseball. But in reality, Manny will be no more than an expensive intentional walker with the lineup the Dodgers have now.

No wonder Omar did not want to sign Manny. Why bring these two space cadets in the Mets' picture when the Mets have all the pieces in place?

Gangsta has confidence in Murphy to play regularly in left. Behind Murphy is a youngster by the name of Fernando Martinez. Martinez is a five-tool player and is only 20 years old. Look for Martinez to be called up in the middle of the season should the Mets decide to trade a corner outfielder for a second baseman or pitcher.

Manny needed the Mets more than the Mets needed Manny. Manny just doesn't realize it because Boras keeps filling Planet Manny with a lot of methane gas.

There is an asteroid named reality that is on track to hit "Planet Manny." Maybe, then he'll come to his senses. For Manny's sake, "Comet Boras" needs to go away.

I suggest that Ramirez places an order for the Rosetta Stone program, come out of his orbit, and learn Japanese. He won't get his wish in the USA. Perhaps, he can sign in Japan and be a stand-by for Godzilla movies.