The Nickel: A Step Into the Dungeon: So I Watched ECW Tonight...Was It Worth It?

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 24, 2009

Tyson Kidd

All I can say is "WOW." I'm just about ready to add him to my favorite wrestlers list. He has the lovely Natalya by his side and man can he get hang time. Maybe you didn't hear me,


Kidd just fought some hometown jobber, but he was really impressive. That hot pink and black he was wearing brought back memories of the Hart Foundation.

The Kid is a gem. He'll have a way to go, but I can't wait for the day he exits the dungeon and or wins his first championship. Did I mention he has Natalya?

Tommy Dreamer

He got, by far, the biggest pop of the night. Dreamer is still the heart and soul of ECW. He had a match against an improved Paul Burchill, who was with a lovely Katie Lee Burchill, his sister.

The two went back and forth and the match wasn't half bad. It was pretty much decent. Dreamer look like he was going to job when Boogeyman came for Katie Lee. Well well, who knew ol' Boogey is still around?

That caused the distraction and Tommy Dreamer was able to give Paul Burchill one heck of a DDT and earned his victory. He got another huge pop afterwards. Will Dreamer be rewarded? Time will tell.

Mark Henry

The first time I saw D.J. Gabriel in action, it was an instant replay. I had forgotten about ECW momentarily and when I flicked back, the boy was being flung in the air like a piece of J.R.'s BBQ ribs.

Mark Henry caught him in mid air and countered to the World's strongest slam. Henry looks really fit and has more muscle than before. It's good to see that Henry is still around after he was banished by Matt Hardy a while back from the ECW title picture.

As for Gabriel, never...never perform a high-flying move on a powerhouse, it's almost an automatic finisher.

Kane is backkkk

During commercial, a promo showed advertising Kane's return to ECW. He's going to be on? That sounds good. I believe Kane should get drafted back there, he seems out of place on RAW.

The Big Red Monster better cause someone some pain. I want to see torture of some sorts. Who will it be? I'm not sure, but I know it has to be one of these new guys. Kidd is off limits, so I'll go with DJ Gabriel (What a name) or Ricky Ortiz. *Kane sadistic laugh*

Swagger vs Christian and Final Thoughts

This is funny. I actually responded to an article written by our very own Daris Brown. (Don't forget about Hit The Ropes every Wed. 6 PM-7 PM EST.) The article addressed the indifference towards the Swagger/Christian angle. I agreed.

Call me a flip flopper because they had one heck of a match tonight. I was really impressed. Christian will be Christian but I saw a couple off stuff that the ol' one didn't really do or have.

Swagger is great. I should have watched his matches more carefully. He does a good technical-like job and I understand why he is ECW champion. Christian gave him a run for his money though.

The match was great, especially towards the end. There was many close calls, but Christian arm injury from earlier in the match sealed his fate. Christian isn't going to back down from Swagger.

We'll see more next week hopefully. ECW was pretty decent. I was able to enjoy myself and Swagger, Christian and Kidd put on a show tonight. Did I mention that Kidd gets hang time?