What Will Go Down at Wrestlemania 25

Gagan SamraContributor IFebruary 23, 2009

With Wrestlemania 25 a few weeks away, many of the headlining matches are beginning to shape up with some exciting prospects for the 25th anniversary of the "greatest spectacle in sports entertainment". Here is my preview and predictions for each match, in the order of the appearance during the show:


Match 1: Money in the Bank Match

Participants : John Morrison, Rey Mysterio, MVP, Shelton Benjamin, Evan Bourne, Christian, Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston

The MITB match will probably open the PPV as it did last year (excluding the battle royal) and should be the best one that has been contested to this date. Some of the most athletic superstars in the business today are in this match, which should produce some eye popping maneuvers.

The WWE may go with the battle royal again this year, so Christian and Swagger may be taken out of the match.

As for the outcome, any one could come out on top, but I am looking for MVP to win this match. He has suffered for the last year with the losing streak, but he seems to have turned it around and the crowd has begun to cheer for MVP.

Winner: MVP


Match 2: Battle of the Behemoths

Participants: Big Show, Koslov, Khali

I know, this match does not seem like the type of match that would be reserved for the main PPV of the year, but we all know how much Vince loves his giants. After the MITB, this could be the type of match that helps with the transition to the next match.

As I stated before, if the WWE has the ECW Championship battle royal again this year, these guys will probably be in that match.

Winner: Vladimer Koslov


Match 3: Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy (possibly no DQ)

These two have had a Wrestlemania match before, but it did not really live up to expectations. This year, however, should be very different. The build up to this match will be very important, as Jeff will refuse to face Matt only to have Matt continuously punish Jeff.

Eventually, Jeff will have no choice but to accept a match against his brother.

There is no need for this match to be no disqualification, but it would not hurt to make it this type of match. That way, the tables, ladders, and chairs could be brought into the ring. The finish should have Jeff pinning Matt for the win. Hopefully, this feud continues after WM 25

Winner: Jeff Hardy


Match 4: Edge vs John Cena for the World Heavyweight Championship

These two had one of the longest feuds in recent memory and almost all of their matches were superb. At the biggest stage, these two should be able to top all of their matches (including the TLC match at Unforgiven).

The outcome of the match can be debated, but I can see Edge retaining the belt with the assistance of Vickie and having Cena drafted over the Smackdown to once again feud with Edge.

Winner: Edge


Match 5: Chris Jericho vs Mickey Rourke (with Ric Flair)

It seems as though Stone Cold will not be fighting this year, which is a real shame considering this is probably his last chance to do so. No one wants to deal with Hulk Hogan, so I am going to say that Mickey and Chris will probably square off, with Ric Flair being Rourke's trainer.

The outcome of this match would probably have Rourke somehow sneak a pin on Jericho with the help of Flair for the win. There will then be a post match beat down of Rourke and Flair by Jericho, only to have Austin come out and save the day. The usual beer fest (not sure if that is a good idea with rourke ;) with all three men celebrating in the ring.

Winner: Mickey Rourke


Match 6: The Undertaker vs Shawn Micheals

In my opinion, this match should be the one closing out Wrestlemania. The match many people want to see will probably be the most memorable match of the night. These two have feuded in the past and created some memorable moments (First HIAC match and probably the best one) and this should all come together at the biggest stage wrestling has to offer.

There is no doubt that these two will put on a terrific match and keep the audience at the edge of their seats. Each man will land their respective finishers in the match, only to have the other kick out.

As for the outcome, there should be no disputing that Undertaker will be 17-0 after this match. If Micheals had not ended Flair's career last year, then there would have been the strong possibility of him ending the streak. Post match should have a congratulatory hand shake by both men.

Winner: The Undertaker


Match 7: Beth Phoenix vs Trish Stratus

There has been rumours swirling that Trish will have one more match at WM, but against Michelle McCool. I am not to thrilled to see that, so I hope they use Beth instead. That way, you can include Santino and Rosa Mendez in the match.

Some may wonder how the rest of the divas will be involved in the match. I guess you can have the Lumberjills again this year, but it may take away from the actual match.

If Trish does return, it would be very hard for the WWE to have her take the loss. It would make sense for Beth to win so that you are not burying the current top Diva, but I guess it would not hurt to have Trish get the win.

Winner: Trish Stratus


Match 8: Triple H vs Randy Orton (with Legacy) for the WWE Championship

This match will definitely have some major heat going into it, as evident with the past few weeks on Raw. They will each get the upper hand on one another for the weeks leading up to WM 25. This allows for the match to be unpredictable and the outcome not being too obvious.

These two have feuded in the past and have put on some excellent matches, but this one should no doubt be the climax of the rivalry. Triple H and Orton will work very hard to put on a great match and Legacy should somehow get involved in the match.

Now for the outcome of the match. Triple H has not been very successful at Wrestlemania, losing out on many high profile matches. Some may say the time has come for HHH to once again leave as WWE Champion for Wrestlemania. Orton has been given a massive push lately and if he were to lose, the push would be all for nothing.

Therefore, I see Randy Orton emerging victorious with the help of Stephanie McMahon, who will cost here husband the match. Wrestlemania 25 will have the the new Legacy with there arms raised in triumph as a new dominant force leads the WWE into the next generation.

Winner: Randy Orton


Those are my predictions for this year's Wrestlemania. Other possible matches, as stated before, could have the ECW title being defended by Christian. Some may say that having two heels emerge as the champions can never happen, but the faces are winning everything else. This should be a very solid show and one that many will remember for the next 25 years.


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