The Ryan Smyth Rumors Keep on Coming

Shane GirouxSenior Analyst IFebruary 22, 2009

The Ryan Smyth trade rumors abound and as the trade deadline gets closer, the rumors get farther from reality.

Today it's Bruce "Malkin to the Kings" Garrioch who states in no uncertain terms that the Colorado Avalanche are shopping Smyth.

He starts off with this now-classic refrain:

"The Avalanche, buried at the bottom of the Western Conference, want to shed salary."

For all the people that claim the Avs want to shed salary, nobody has explained why. While Kroenke's real estate holdings may have taken a hit, Wal-Mart is still raking in cash so I can't see that Kroenke is caring too much about the ol' pocket book.

And given that the Avs still have a relative abundance of cap space—they're losing a bit of dead weight at the end of the season and have no high-profile RFA's or UFA's looking for big raises - I can't see the problem there either.


He follows that up with:

"...attendance is plummeting in a market that used to routinely sell out."

And shedding salary and getting rid of your best players will fill the seats? Give me a break.



He then lets us know that even though Smyth has stated that he's happy in Colorado:

" hindsight [he] probably should have stayed with the Oilers."

Because the Oilers have had nothing but success since Smyth left, right?



But all of the above seems brilliant compared to the gem he pops out of his ass here:

...the fans in Montreal would embrace his hard-charging style and the Avs won't want a lot in return.

The Avs won't want a lot in return? Do I even have to dignify that with a response? What in the blue hell would make Garrioch think that the Avs wouldn't want a lot in return for a player of Smyth's calibre?

It's complete and utter bullshit. The day I hear of Smyth going to the Habs for a 2nd-rounder is the day I head out to Ottawa and shine Garrioch's shoes.

The Avalanche will make some moves by the trade deadline, but Ryan Smyth will be stating in the Mile-High City.