TNA Wrestling's X-Division...Where Do We Go From Here?

christian orendorfContributor IFebruary 22, 2009

In just a week, TNA Wrestling has lost two of its best in the X-Division.  With Petey Williams gone, and Sonjay Dutt now being removed from the roster without even a word of goodbye, it leaves a bit to be wondered, where is TNA Wrestling headed? 

TNA was once synonymous with the X-Division and the great matches that were performed on a nightly basis, of men who gave their bodies, hearts, and souls to a new generation of fans who demanded excellence.

At one point, we watched and wondered and were amazed by the likes of Low-Ki, Sonjay Dutt, Primetime Elix Skipper, The Amazing Red, Kaz, Christopher Daniels, Jerry Lynn, Psycosis, and many others. 

We reveled in the amazing Ultimate X matches, death-defying thrills, and spots that left you gasping for breath at times.  We waited in anticipation for another moment of excellence every single time we tuned into TNA Wrestling.

But what happened?  Differences in management?  Poor booking decisions?  Or were the X-Division wrestlers just tired of receiving the shaft?  Many speculate, but none have a definite answer.  But the reality is that the X-Division is lacking the greatness it once held in TNA Wrestling.

We as a fan base are longing for greatness.  We don't always need to see a wrestler have a gimmick to get ahead, so long as the wrestler performs at a level that exceeds his own expectations of himself, wrestlers who believe in the industry and are willing to fight to make a company great. 

This was what TNA was originally formed for, to be a beacon of the wrestling industry, proof that an old Connecticut fossil doesn't own the rights to the wrestling industry as a whole.

The wrestlers of the X-Division were once that shining beacon, that light of hope, the potential for the future of the wrestling industry.  Should TNA start believing in its X-Division again, it still has the potential to be great.  Let us hope as fans that we shall see this day come to pass.