Matt and Jeff Hardy Fued Is Subpar

S. CoeContributor IFebruary 19, 2009

The current feud between brothers Matt and Jeff Hardy seems to have everyone talking about a TLC match at WrestleMania 25. The brothers, who have participated in several TLC matches, have always made them the most entertaining and breathtaking matches of their time. Now, the question is would the idea of a TLC match or any match at WrestleMania25 really make sense for the brothers at this point in their feud?

Let's travel back to what officially started this feud.

At the Royal Rumble, Matt attacked his brother Jeff with a steel chair, costing him the match and the WWE Championship against Edge.

Since then, we haven't seen any further action between the two.

It was announced on ECW just three days after the Royal Rumble that Matt was now part of the SmackDown roster. When SmackDown aired, we saw Matt in the ring explaining his reasons behind the attack on his brother and also telling us that the Hardy Boys were no more and that he had no brother.

Jeff was absent under the claims that he was still recovering from the vicious attack by Matt.

On the following episode of SmackDown, we saw Hurricane Helms in a promo obviously taking Jeff's side in the situation and saying how Matt has an ego and so on. Later in the episode, we see Matt in the ring calling out Helms, who then comes down and the two start fighting. Matt, who totally owns Helms, leaves him knocked out at ringside.

Still, no Jeff.

The last episode of SmackDown was when a fully recovered Jeff returned to a very warm welcome backstage from various superstars. He went to the ring and announced that he does not dwell in the past and will move on and hopes that his brother Matt will do the same.

Surprise! There is no sign of Matt on this episode of SmackDown.

A proper feud should show us matches between the two, interferences in each others matches, vicious attacks backstage or in the ring, face to face confrontations, and so on. If there's going to be a match at WrestleMania 25, the build up to it should be a lot more then what we're seeing now.

If the WWE wants a feud between Matt and Jeff, the least they could do is properly deliver it. I mean seriously, look at how they're handling the Orton/McMahon feud.

Randy Orton punts Mr.McMahon. A week later, we see Shane giving him a beat down. The next week, Legacy attacks Shane and Stephanie backstage. The following week, Stephanie puts Orton against Undertaker and Shane interferes. Then, they have their match at NWO. The next night, Shane wants another match to "end it" and he gets owned by Orton. Stephanie gets RKO'd and it appears that the feud has now been turned over to Triple H.

As you can see, their feud is leaving us with something to talk about every week, eager to see whats happening next.

The same thing should be said with Matt and Jeff.

There is little time left until WrestleMania 25, so if WWE plans to do anything with this feud that'll led to a match, then they will have to kick it up a bit this Friday.