TNA : Now That's Dynamic

RykzCorrespondent IFebruary 18, 2009

Well when I did the WWE/Marvel article i was always going to follow it up. It was clear the only way to go was TNA/DC and well that's what happened.

I'm not the biggest TNA or DC fan but I thought i would give it a go.

AJ Styles- Superman

High flying, entertaining and without a doubt the best TNA original around. With his new role as co-leader of the Front line we have seen a different, yet stronger side to AJ. Never backing down from a challenge and always spending more time in the air then the ground who else could be the man of steel.

Kurt Angle- Lex Luthor 

The most obvious choice to play Lex Luthor but not because he is a spitting image. The evil Kurt Angle is the biggest heel in TNA, no one needs a reason to hate him but he always gives us one anyway. Leading the Main Event Mafia has just shown us all that this man likes being in control and controlling other at the same time.

Sting- Batman

The Icon Sting is the cornerstone of TNA much like the Dark Knight is to DC. The new respect angle that TNA is running with is just the Stinger teaching the new generation a thing or two. Sting and Batman both live in the shadows and always feel injustices has consumed this world.

Traci Brooks- Wonder Woman

The beautiful and sexy Traci Brooks has always been a powerful woman and looks just like Wonder Woman. Being head of the women division gives her the feel like she is head of the Amazons. Personally I would like to see her wrestle more, but for now noone has to wonder where this women is.

Others would be Alex Shelly as Flash, Jeff Jarrett as Aquaman, Booker T as Green Lantern, Eric Young as the Green Arrow.

TNA has improved so much over the past years making me a fan hopefully they can keep it up, and not drop the ball.