Memo to the NBA: The Suns Are Back

Avi ScherContributor IIFebruary 18, 2009

Today we saw the Phoenix Suns at there best, running and gunning, just like in the good old days. What we saw was even better then the last few years.

Can the Suns keep it up or was it just a one time deal against a bad team?

The next three games will tell the story.

The Suns beat the L.A Clippers 140-100, scoring 81 points in the first half. Six players scored in double digits, and all other players on the roster scored more the 5 points. The Suns also had 34 assists.

Nash played only 25 minutes and had 8 points and 10 assists.

Stoudemire played only 20 minutes, scored 23 points, hitting 9 out 12, and Shaq played 21 minutes, made 6 out 6 scoring 15 points and grabbing 8 rebounds.

The win was also without suspended Suns player Jason Richardson. 

You can see on the player’s faces the joy of running and playing the free style that fits this team, especially point guard Steve Nash.

You can see the glow on Nash's face and his happiness of freedom.

Stoudemire looked like he was reborn, getting the ball were he likes to, having the line open for him to cut and jam it, we even saw some Showtime assists from him.

Stoudemire is now saying that he does not want to be traded (you can't blame him).

In this game the Suns defiantly reminded us of the Showtime team they were the last few years. But there was one part that was even better then in the last few years, and that was the rotation! The Rotation in this game was perfect, 11 players played, 10 played more the 20 minutes and only rookie Robin Lopez played 12 minutes.

Tucker, Dragic, and Dudley got to play some quality minutes at the beginning and not just in garbage time.

One of the problems the Suns had in the last few years was the D’Antoni played with a rotation of seven (some times eight) players and after 81 season games, your players can be a little burnt out before the playoffs even start.

Coach Gentry said “we are going to try and get guys in the game early even if it is for a couple minutes and see if we can get them in a relaxed situation so if we have to use them later on it won’t be the first time they are in.”

You can see coach Gentry knows this team, and knows what they need, When you play the fast pace like the Suns do, you have to get your key players some time to rest and you want your bench players to keep running so the opponent won’t be able to rest, and even if you worm-up for an hour before the game, sitting on the bench and coming in only in the second quarter can effect you. If you’re able to run a bit in the first then do it.

Of course this was only one game, one game against the one of the four worst teams in the league today.

The next 3 games will show where the Suns are headed, they will be playing the Clipper again tonight in L.A and then go play the Thunders in Oklahoma on Friday.  The Suns should win both games and finally have a 3 game winning strike this season.

If the Suns win these two games, it should give them the confidence they need for the third game, and the third game is against the champions, the Boston Celtics. The same Boston Celtics that gave the Suns there worst lost of the season 104-87 (second half was all garbage time), holding Stoudemire to only 3 points.

If the Suns lose to Boston it won’t be the end of the world, Boston is a well trained team with amazing defense and offense, a very united team (no wonder they are the champs).

I good team with confidence usually remembers a lose like that and would want revenge.

So we will see if the Suns still have what it takes for “paying back” the team that gave them the biggest lose of the past few seasons. We will see if Stoudemire will prove to the world that he can’t be stopped and that his name should be out there when you talk about the MVP award, we will see if Nash still has his MVP moves and can control the tempo of the game, we will see if Shaq can really dominate like in the past against I very physically team.

If the Suns will be able to get the W at home on Sunday, then the Suns fans can say for sure “Be aware! The Suns are back”.


Next Thursday the Suns will be playing the Lakers in L.A. If the Suns can win there then the Suns fans can say “we want it all and we want it now (this season)”.

The next three games will tell it all.

And the next day will tell if the Suns stay as-is for the remaining of the season.