WWE: How John Cena Will Be WWE Champion at the End of 1000th Raw

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistJuly 16, 2012

Hate him or strongly dislike him, John Cena is the poster boy of WWE—so WWE logic says the historic 1000th episode of Raw will end with John Cena as WWE Champion.

John Cena will announce tonight on Raw that him winning Money in the Bank is historic and a first time achievement for him. In honor of that historic accomplishment, he will cash in the title shot as the main event for the 1000th Raw against CM Punk.

It makes sense on every level.

This milestone episode of Raw is going to be filled with nostalgia and non-wrestling matches. WWE having one big marquee main event between two of the most popular superstars, who have put on entertaining matches against each other in the past, will disguise the lack of solid matches in the other two hours and 45 minutes.

It's also John Cena's style as a character to be out front and challenge his opponent. Sneaking up on an opponent after they've been beaten wouldn't fit him.

John Cena in the main even slot does well statistically for ratings. The reality is he draws the emotion out of the crowd. The basis of this article being him cashing in will draw the emotion on the comment section below.

Well folks, this is really going to make you mad: Cena's going to win.

John Cena is going to cash in and win the WWE Championship in the main event of the 1000th Raw.

The challenge to WWE, which I hope they accept, is how CM Punk loses. A clean loss does no favors for CM Punk. Something has to take place to aid Punk losing. Whether its something with the AJ/Bryan story or Cena having to go to great, foul-play lengths to get the win. There must be a catch.

I respect John Cena and his work ethic. I think the fact he's been capable of staying interesting to the crowd one way or the other for so long is amazing. People who don't even acknowledge that are in their own personal denial, not trying to understand the business side of things.

I also understand the complaints about repetitive television with John Cena. Many times I understand the business motives but still can see it isn't original and why it upsets fans.

John Cena can be the champion but still provide interesting programming. WWE just has to book it and stay away from being too predictable. If WWE can end the 1000th Raw with a true memorable moment or swerve, it will be a great way to start a new era and go full speed ahead.

If we start the 1,001 episode coming off the same old spit, I think many will doubt if they want to commit to another 1000 episodes.