2009 NBA Draft Class: NBA Comparisons

Kirk SnyderCorrespondent IFebruary 18, 2009

With one of the deepest draft classes in quite some time, I decided to take some of the top 2009 NBA draft prospects and compare them to the NBA players that they are most likely to imitate in their professional basketball careers. 


Blake Griffin, Oklahoma

NBA Comparison - Carlos Boozer

Griffin is an elite player.  His scoring and rebounding combination is top notch, and he should make an impact immediately to which ever team ends up landing him. 


James Harden, Arizona State

NBA Comparison - Caron Butler

Harden may be a bit undersized to play small forward in the NBA. He's more of a prototypical shooting guard at the next level.  Harden is a great scorer, he can rebound well for his size, and he can dish out some assists—a repertoire very similar to Butler's game.


Greg Monroe, Georgetown

NBA Comparison - Al Horford

Monroe is still a raw talent.  He has a NBA ready body, but would benefit immensely if he stayed at Georgetown after this season.  If he enters the draft next season, he will slowly but surely turn into a solid front court presence. 


Hasheem Thabeet, Connecticut

NBA Comparison - Tyson Chandler

Thabeet is not going to be a big time scorer in the NBA, but he will be a fine rebounder and shot blocker.


Jordan Hill, Arizona

NBA Comparison - Pau Gasol

Hill will play PF in the NBA, because of his slender build.  Even though he's a bit on the thin side, he more than makes up for it with his superior athleticism, which is why he will be a terrific scorer, rebounder, and shot blocker.


Jeff Teague, Wake Forest

NBA Comparison - Mo Williams

Teague is an above average scorer for the point guard position.  He may never be at the top of the league in assists, but he will make a fine all-around point guard.


Ty Lawson, North Carolina

NBA Comparison - Chauncey Billups

Lawson is a bit more explosive than Billups in his prime, but they both have tremendous floor leadership.  Lawson can drive to the hoop whenever he wants and he has an exceptional jump shot as well.


Patrick Patterson, Kentucky

NBA Comparison - LaMarcus Aldridge

Patterson oozes athleticism and talent.  I think Patterson is one of the most underrated players in this year's upcoming draft.  Some mock drafts do not have him as a lottery pick, which is shocking to me. 


Tyler Hansbrough, North Carolina

NBA Comparison - Spencer Hawes

Hansbrough is one of the best college players in the nation, but will he ever have the same success at the next level?  He is probably not going to turn into a superstar, but his intensity and determination will merit him some playing time.


DeJuan Blair, Pittsburgh

NBA Comparison - Paul Millsap

Blair is an undersized post player, but he can have his way with any player in the paint.  He is very physical down low and is one of the best rebounders you can find in the draft.