Breaking Down The Rock's Moves

Lucas BerndtCorrespondent IFebruary 17, 2009

Many people know of The Rock and his moves. In this article, I will break down some of his greatest moves.

The one I'm starting with is the Samoan Drop. I enjoy doing this in my WWE game when I'm just messing with my opponent. In this move, he threw his opponents to the ropes, then he put them on his back and dropped them.

The next move is one of his more famous ones, The Rock Bottom. This was one of his two finishers mostly used in succession. When his opponent had been feeling the pain for some time, he would do this. He would put his opponents arm over one shoulder, put one hand on his opponents back, and the other on his neck and slam him down onto the ring.

The last move I'm doing is the one that showed he was "The People's Champion"—The People's Elbow. This move sometimes followed The Rock Bottom for a one two combo. The rock would take off his right elbow pad, then throw it in the crowd. Then he would bounce of both ropes coming to a stop near his opponent, when he would drop slamming his elbow into his opponent.

Well, that's a rap for this article. I hoped you enjoyed it and please leave comments.

If there are any subjects abut The Rock you would like me to write about, tell me.

As of now, see ya.