WWE : Make Mine Marvel

RykzCorrespondent IFebruary 17, 2009

There was a lot of talk at the end of last year about The Game Triple H playing The God of thunder Thor. In recent months the buzz seemed to have disappeared.

I think people thought how can a wrestler become a actor and play a lead role in a movie?

Wait didn't an actor just play a wrestler? (Mickey Rourke)

It got me thinking though, if wrestlers did play Marvel superheroes who would be who?

Triple H - Thor

The cerebral assassin would be dead certain to get it in my book. He got the look the build and to be fair he thinks of himself as a God already. The carrying around of a hammer come on who else could be Thor.

John Cena - Captain America

John Cena would be a great fit for Cap. He shows every week how patriotic he is by saluting on his way out. His acting in the marine wasn't to bad as well so we know he can be a military man. With the square jaw the blue eyes all that is missing in the blonde hair which a trip to salon could soon fix.

JBL- Ironman

Rich successful Tony stark isn't a million mile away from our millionaire. If he sported that goatee he had in the APA and took off his hat once in a while not that far off are we. Just like Ironman JBL thinks everything can be bought with money.

Batista- The Hulk

What you thought I was going to say Hogan? Wearing pants that seem to small for him and muscle that sometimes seem unreal he truly is the powerhouse of the WWE. Batista power seem relentless and sometime he does seem impossible to stop (unless you're The Undertaker)

Vince McMahon- Magneto 

Magneto always wanted things his own way and he always has to be centre of attention whilst doing it. They both had a vision of greatness and both have reached it. Power, money, and fame drove Vince to be the best and run the wrestling world remind you of someone?

I could go on and on with this, Rey Mysterio being Spiderman, Kozlov as Colossus, Big Show as Juggernaut, Edge as Gambit, Christian as Hawkeye and Vickie as The Blob.

Well Until Vince McMahon goes bankrupt and has to work in a Micky D's make mineWWE.