When Will Alex Rodriguez Strike Out For Good?

Matt SchaeferCorrespondent IFebruary 17, 2009

After watching thirty-five minutes of a press conference, you would expect to learn some new information about the subject it is on. Especially when that press conference is to save the integrity of one of the best baseball players of our era. 

After watching the Alex Rodriguez press conference today though, I came away unimpressed and even more skeptical about the All-Star slugger.

The biggest confession from A-Rod was his use of “Boli,” with his cousin during the 2001-2003 seasons with the Texas Rangers, and the fact that he was also using “Ripped Fuel” during his early days with the Seattle Mariners.

Despite Rodriguez saying that he didn’t really know what he was putting into his body, I find that hard to believe. 

Pro athletes know what they put into their bodies at all times.

There is no question that the highest-rated baseball prospect in the last 15 or so years would just leave something like this to chance.

His admission of using Ripped Fuel earlier in his career shows that he had some idea what he was looking for with the substances he took; an energy boost.

Ripped Fuel is a substance that is taken in a capsule form. 

It is supposed to bring the user a “huge” energy boost, promote fat loss, improve the ability to gain more lean muscle, increase the metabolic rate of the user and reduce the appetite of users (helping out with weight loss.)

It is now banned by Major League Baseball for being a stimulant.   

The ironic thing is that Primobolan (“Boli” is the street name,) is taken for a very similar reason as Boli, that being of course the energy boost it brings. 

Not to mention that Primobolan also has very few downsides. 

It doesn’t cause the many unwanted side effects of most steroids, like enlarged breasts, shrunken testicles, or a higher voice, because it does not convert to estrogen after it is taken.

Terry Todd, a former champion power lifter, told the New York Times in an article about Primobolan recently  that, “It’s a drug that you take when you don’t want all of the behavior changes that may go along with other steroids.  But still, you would also have to feel that you wouldn’t be tested, or that there would be no consequences to you getting caught.”

Primobolan is a substance that is made up of things that are not produced in the body.

Therefore, it would send off red lights like crazy to any drug test. 

How ironic that when A-Rod was using the substance, there was no consequences for taking it, seeing as there was no steroid policy in place at the time.

Primobolan is also a drug that the FDA banned back in July of 1989.  It was one of forty anabolic steroids that were banned to prevent them for being used as performance enhancers in the United States. 

It is a drug that is illegal to sell and/or market in the US, so when A-Rod said that he got them from the Dominican Republic, you should believe him.

I just find it so hard to believe that after using Ripped Fuel, he just happened to switch over to a drug that he supposedly knew nothing about that had the same result. 

Another thing I found ironic was the fact that A-Rod used the substance for three years, saying he only used it “twice a month” during that time period. 

The thing about Primobolan is that in is ineffective in small doses, and needs to be taken over a longer period of time to see the results that some of the stronger steroids produce.

I don’t know about you, but three years is certainly enough time to be taking it to get the best results.

A-rod dodged questions about why he would continue to take a substance that he wasn’t sure was doing anything for him. He didn’t give any reason other than he was “young and curious.”

Really, there is only one thing I took from the press conference today, and A-Rod even admitted it too. Kids, go to college because if you do not ,apparently your brain just rots away.

That is all I heard when a question was trying to get details out of him. “Well, I was young, stupid, dumb, curious, or ignorant.” 

That is all he would say. To be honest, he really didn’t answer any of the questions with a real answer. 

He was showing some great dance moves, dodging questions left and right. Maybe he was auditioning to be the next sports star to go on Dancing with the Stars. 

Thank goodness that the Yankees P.R. man only took questions from people who focused on the Yankees the most.

I have a feeling that if A-Rod sat at the microphone for a little longer, we would have gotten to see a lot more great dance moves. 

I mean you have got to be kidding me. Most people would research what they were putting into their body at 24, 25, 26 or 27 years of age.

To use young age as an excuse for his actions is ridiculous.

Also, something that people might not realize is that when A-Rod failed the drug test five years ago, he also had testosterone in his system. He didn't address this at all either.

His baseball numbers certainly don’t lie either.

Sure, A-Rod is a Hall-of-Fame talent, but it is quite easy to see that his numbers went up when he was taking these supplements.

During his five full seasons with the Mariners or the “Ripped Fuel Years,” (I will throw the first two years out when A-Rod hit five home runs and 21 RBIs in just 65 combined games,) Rodriguez had an average of 37 home runs, 115 RBIs, 184 hits and a .314 batting average. 

In the press conference, A-Rod said that the best year of his career came at age 20 in which he had 36 homers, 123 RBIs, 215 hits, and a .358 average.

How do we know that the Ripped Fuel didn’t have anything to do with it.    

During his three seasons in Texas, the “Boli Years,“ A-Rod averaged 52 home runs, 132 RBIs, 190 hits and a .305 batting average. 

His power numbers went up by a pretty considerable margin. 

Now let’s move on to his “clean” years. 

In his five seasons with the Yankees, A-Rod averaged 42 home runs (-10 HR’s,) 123 RBIs (- 9,) 174 hits (-16,) and a .303 batting average (-.002.)

Funny how his numbers dropped with New York, even though they came during the years in which a player is considered to be in his prime.

Let’s be honest here with each other, A-Rod did not tell the whole truth today. 

Like most athletes caught red-handed, he told some of the truth that will let some people forgive him, but he didn’t tell all of it. 

We will figure that out for sure in a few years, when even more news comes out about him.

And please, let’s remember that he is only doing this because he was caught.  If no one knew it was him, A-Rod would still have his secrets to himself. 

He would not have come out just for the good of the game or anything like that.  He was caught, and was forced to restore some credibility to himself, seeing as he is the first big-time active player to be caught while still playing in the league.

At least he has a good team of agents and lawyers behind him to help him try to get some future Hall-of-Fame votes and to try to prove to people that he should be forgiven now. It might actually work.

While A-Rod thinks he is off the hook and can focus on baseball, the fans out there should not let him off so easy. He still hasn’t told the public the whole truth. 

He has two strikes with me (and should with you too for first cheating and now not coming out with the whole truth.)

How much longer can A-Rod stay in the batters box without striking out? 

A year? Two years? Ten years?

It doesn’t really matter how long A-Rod is able to protect the plate, he will strike out come eventually.

Too bad he couldn't help out his chances to stay alive today.


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