Todd Bodine Was Scared to Death of the Yellow Line at Daytona

Horn FanSenior Writer IFebruary 17, 2009

I've been a fan of NASCAR for 32 years.

After reading about why Todd Bodine caused a multitruck wreck during the NextEra Energy Resources 250 on Friday at Daytona International Speedway, I just couldn't leave it alone.

Maybe there is a good reason his No. 30 Germain Racing Toyota Tundra is unsponsored, and it could just be him.

It's just amazing a guy with his talent would use such a lame excuse for misjudging space not once, but twice. But then again, he is a Bodine; they have a history of not taking responsibility for their mistakes.

Bodine had the misfortune of deciding to pass Colin Braun for the lead with his left-side tires below the double yellow-line and got black-flagged.

Here's a few quotes of how he explained it.

"Well, the penalty deal NASCAR has made this cut and dried," Bodine said. "No going below the yellow line. That's easy for them to sit there and say."

"When we took off on the restart, Colin Braun didn't get going real good. I just went below him. He came down to block me. I was already beside him. If I did not go below that yellow line, Colin Braun was going to end up sideways down through the grass....It wasn't intentional."

"I just turned down for a matter of 20 or 30 feet just to make sure I didn't wreck him. It's not like I had all four tires below passing him."

Hmm, did you catch that contradiction in that last comment, and he places himself in the grass by the 20 or 30 feet comment.

Bodine made the move to pass Braun right in front of where I was sitting. The only thing he got correct was Braun's slow start on the restart.

Braun left about 1/2 a truck length maybe more off of the bottom heading into turn one; he never forced Bodine down over the yellow line.

In fact, Bodine just passed below him, didn't care that his left tires went over the yellow line and got just what he deserved.

Now it gets downright pathetic, after his drive-through penalty, Bodine was worried they would get him again for a yellow-line violation in a tight pack.

Give me a break, while leading he had no problem staying right on the line protecting the bottom, and we all know Rowdy will make you drive right next to the line.

But poor Bodine, was so scared of the yellow line that he took out rookie James Buescher and triggered a multitruck accident.

"They had me scared to death to go below the yellow line", Bodine said. "When I got close to it. I just turned back just a little bit. When I did, the No. 10 of Buescher was down there, then up there. Ron Hornaday had already moved down."

"It got us out of position and I hit the 10. You know that's my fault. I'll take the blame. No problem with that. It was my fault. But I was scared to death to go below the yellow line. Plain and simple."

Wrong. Buescher never did anything to bother you. All Horn did was drive right next to the yellow line, Buescher moves to the high side, you followed Horn and the minute you realize the Kid was going to pass him.

You wanted to follow Buescher, but the only problem was you misjudged the space you had and hit the Kid in the left rear quarter panel.

Basically you wrecked nine trucks, then you sarcastically use NASCAR's yellow-line rule as your excuse, and I can't wait for one of them to pay you back. 

We'll see you pissed-off, whining and crying, but maybe that won't happen since you need a sponsor to continue racing full-time.

Hmm, I'm thinking if they read this, they just might not bother to and decide to look at one of the other struggling truck teams with a more deserving driver to support and put their name on that team's truck. 

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