San Diego State Aztecs Looking to Take a Step Forward in 2009

Adam HeasleyCorrespondent IFebruary 16, 2009

SDSU Football over the last couple years has been considered a joke, and a stats-raising game to all the teams they play.

The only exception might be New England Patriots quarterback Kevin O'Connell who played at SDSU for four years and was their only bright spot.

Last year the Aztecs were going into the 2008 season blind, and not knowing what to expect.

They started off the season with a very competitive game against Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Redshirt freshman Ryan Lindley did not disappoint. Could the Aztecs actually start the season 1-0?

In a heartbreak loss, the Aztecs lost by a field goal in the final seconds of the game.

That game led the Aztecs to start off the season 0-4. It was just another disappointing season for SDSU football again.

Why have the Aztecs been such a disappointment? Is it because they don't have a good recruiting class? Maybe they can't have a good recruiting class because they don't seem attractive with their poor play.

SDSU is looking to change that this year. With nine players returning on offense and eight players returning they have a chance of turning somethings around, especially their record.

It would be a good start with a win at UCLA, who have been really struggling in the past and might look to San Diego native Chris Forcier to play QB if things don't go well from the start. Still for that to happen, they will have to improve somewhat dramatically over the winter and summer.

As much as I might hope they at least win half of their games I'm not necessarily expecting that.

Yes, I do see the Aztecs being possible threats to certain teams—but not to Utah or TCU yet.

The Aztecs are in the middle of a rebuilding process and that takes time. We might not see very much improvement till two to three years down the road. However, I do see Lindley putting up big numbers in the passing game this year and his remaining years at SDSU.

The Aztecs are looking towards sophomore quarterback Ryan Lindley and new coach Brody Hoke to turn things around.

Brody Hoke turned around a once joke of a program Ball St. and took them to a bowl game this year.

Will lightning strike twice for Hoke?

Hopefully for the Aztecs it does. Can the Aztecs rise out of the ashes and elevate to the top of the Mountain West Conference?

The Aztecs can only hope, and so can their fans.