End the Vick-Timization.. Let Vick Return in Peace

John GrahamCorrespondent IFebruary 15, 2009

After about a two year hiatus from the NFL, Michael Vick is looking for a team to call home.  After the success of Matt Ryan combined with Michael Vick's new reputation, it is no surprise that Atlanta is looking to trade Vick.  Unfortunately for Vick, most teams are poised to show him the same love he is receiving from his soon-to-be former team.

But what bothers me is why people are still so angry at this man.  Make no mistake about it, I, like most other people, find his treatment of animals disgusting to say the least.  But at what point are we going to move on and let the man return to the game?

Many people are content to never let him play again, from fans to NFL executives.  But if you ask me, this is hands down one of the greatest acts of hypocrisy in all of sports.

I can not say enough that I am sickened by Dog fighting and if I ever crossed paths with something of this brutal nature, I would gladly take a stand against it.  However, why are so many people so willing to use this as a tool to ruin a player's career?

After all, its not like Michael Vick is the only person in pro sports to tarnish his name with legal trouble.  I can name Santonio Holmes, Larry Johnson, Matt Jones, Pacman Jones, Plaxico Burress, and Ray Lewis to name just a few.

So let's get serious, what is so different about Michael Vick at the end of the day?

He killed a bunch of animals through a brutal game that tortures dogs from their youth.


and Ray Lewis killed two people outside of a club in Atlanta.Matt Jones has repeatedly been caught trafficking cocaine. Santonio Holmes and Larry Johnson have gone Ike Turner on their girlfriends so often that the police are about to give them their own Heavyweight division in wife-beating. And Pacman Jones has been involved in an incident where he pulled a gun in strip club.  Then of course there is the clubbing habits of Plaxico Burress that ends in his own bloodshed.

That is only the NFL people!

I am not even getting into the gambling referees in the NBA or the drug addiction in all sports, namely baseball.  I mean baseball has gone through more steroids than a WWE locker room.

But at the end of the day, everybody is in shock and awe at Michael Vick?!

This just pisses me off.  Where do we as fans get off judging this one man when he is surrounded by behavior that is just as shameful?

I already know what people are going to say.  "Its different, he was hurting defenseless animals." Or maybe they will say "He killed more animals than we even know about, which is way worse than drug abuse."

Well you know what else?!  He also apologized and spent time incarcerated.  How many of these other players have spent the time Vick did in jail?  None!  Even when the entire Bengals roster got locked up, they didn't even combine for the amount of time that Vick spent in prison.

But for some reason that's not good enough and that is just wrong.  Especially when the majority of these loud mouth fans, who are judging him, are just one urine test away from the unemployment office.

People need to get over this whole "sports is sacred ideology."  Sports is not sacred anymore.  Between the drug abuse, DUIs, and domestic violence alone, the world have sports has more than shown its corruption.  I'm sorry, but when a pitcher is sitting in front of the U.S. congress, its time to just say game over.

But for some reason people still view sports as the untarnished virgin princess that should never be corrupted when in reality the world of sports holds about as much integrity as the average Vegas street-walker.

So it makes no sense for people to hold so much of a grudge against Michael Vick.  Had drug abuse been punished by season long suspension on every offense, maybe. Had Ray Lewis lost his contact for killing people, maybe. Had each instance of domestic violence resulted in multiple game suspensions and levied fines, maybe. Had Belichick been kicked out of the NFL for cheating, maybe.  If baseball wasn't filled with cases of steroid abuse, maybe.

But baseball is filled with steroids and nothing is done about the numerous offenses and abuses by players every single year.

So whats adding dog fighting to the laundry list of offenses going to do?


He served his time and paid a debt to society that most other offenders never do.  He may not be the role model that kids should look up to, but then again, neither are any of these other people I mention.  But the difference is they still get to play.

Like I said, if there was some consistency in the repercussions that reflected such a no-tolerance mentality, then people's feelings towards Vick would make sense.

But as long as the world of sports wants to give everybody 10 chances, then Michael Vick should be no different.

Singling out Michael Vick is hypocritical and pointless.  All it will do is ruin one mans career and make no step towards making sports an honorable entity again.

At the end of the day, Vick is part of a bigger picture and until you tackle every case with the same ferocity that people want to bring on Vick, then you are wasting your time.

Bottom line is GET OVER IT!  Give him a chance to prove that he has indeed changed or learned a lesson.

Remember, Paris Hilton only spent one month in minimum security lock up and there hasn't been one crotch shot since.  Perhaps, Michael Vick too has learned a great lesson about life and is ready to set a better example.  Who knows, he might turn his entire life around and prove himself to be the Robert Downey Jr. of the NFL.

Personally, I hope that my New York Jets pick him up.  There isn't a lot of wilderness in New York and New Jersey so it will be hard for him to get away with dog fighting already and at the end of the day, love him or hate him, Michael Vick is a great athlete and brings a lot to the NFL.


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