Note to Ron Wilson: Start Playing Curtis Joseph

Shane HouseAnalyst IFebruary 12, 2009

When I heard at the beginning of the season that the Toronto Maple Leafs signed Curtis Joseph, I knew we weren't getting the Cujo that we used to have. I understood that. But we were still getting a solid goaltender who had a bit left in the tank.

All I was expecting from him was 10-15 starts and maybe eight wins if I was lucky.

But what I didn't expect was Vesa Toskala playing as poorly as he has.

Vesa Toskala is our starting goaltender until he is traded, or he serves the remainder of his contract, but why must he get every start?

He hasn't really warranted it, to be honest. His play has been lacking in almost every way. He doesn't stay in the butterfly and his mechanics are completely off.

Perhaps worst of all, he isn't playing with any passion. It is completely missing from his game. He doesn't seem to make that extra effort to make the save, like he did last year.

So if you're hockey coach and you see that play coming from your goaltender, wouldn't that make a case to start the backup for a couple of games?

I know the Leafs are playing Vesa to show off to other teams that he can play, but why play him every game?. The least you can do is play Curtis Joseph now and again. He goes months in between starts and receives most of his playing time when Toskala plays crummy (which has been happening more and more as of late.)

This will be the final season for Curtis Joseph, regardless of what happens. So why not let ad old dog have his day. He has earned it, and unlike Vesa Toskala, I see a lot more passion still left in Cujo's game. 

So, Ron Wilson, listen up.

Give Curtis Joseph some playing time! He may not play amazingly (although right now he is keeping you in the game against Tampa Bay,) but he plays with passion and he plays with his heart on his sleeve.

Maybe if you give him a start or two, it will show Vesa Toskala how he has got to play, and maybe it will give Bryan Burke something to work with come trade deadline.