Will Captain Charisma Ever Shine Again?

kingluc1ferContributor IFebruary 12, 2009

After months and months of speculation as to whether Christian was returning to WWE many finally got there answer, but was it the answer that many was looking for?

Sure everyone was expecting Christian to be revealed as the Jeff hardy attacker, while I was expecting him to be in the Raw roster because it lacks the star power. In the end we received neither as our answer did not came on a Monday or Friday, but instead on a Tuesday on ECW.

 Many wanted the glorious return to happen at the royal rumble with flashy lights and pyro with Christian attacking Jeff hardy or even a surprise entry as No. 30 but again it did not happened that way.

Instead the fans were all let down with their hero returning to ECW with no promo any hype and facing off against a non-established champion jack swagger. Please do not think that jack swagger is bad for ECW because this rivalry can in fact help his career, but the fact of the matter is that it does nothing for a returning Christian.

Christian left because his talent was being wasted by the WWE because he was not being used to his full potential. He found him self in TNA to be one of the biggest success stories because he went from being a lower card wrestler to being the top star of a new company and running with the show on his own.

Fast forward to the end of 2008 where the WWE continued to post bad ratings for all three shows and needed all the help that they can get to back on track. At the time the WWE was desperate for someone big that could raise the status, and thought that stealing Christian back from TNA would be great a addition for he was now a big star.

Many fans read the speculations and was overjoyed that Christian was supposedly returning to the WWE for a second run and may be come a potential champion. It was going to be great the instant classic returning and be treated with the respect that he deserves, but instead again he was sent to ECW against jack swagger.

Many still today are asking themselves what was the WWE thinking in bringing in Christian from being a top star in TNA to being a wrestlers in a brand nobody cares for. Sure Christian ran with TNA and helped them but do Vince actually thinks that he can do the same with a less talented roster in ECW?

Lets face it, the WWE is arguably better than TNA, but nobody can argue and say that TNA's roster is less talented than ECW because that would be a lie. If Christian cage was able to become a great champion in TNA it was not because he was in WWE, instead it was because of the great talent that TNA presented him to work with.

In TNA we seen Christian do moves that he never pulled in WWE and he had more freedom with his character, but now he is back supposed to be better than ever but in ECW. Over the years the WWE has become stricter about the moves that can be preformed and what a wrestler can and cannot do with their character.

But now the question is will Christian be given the chance to expand his character within the WWE or will he be restricted to just being edge's screen brother who never really had a chance to be anything else.

ECW is one of the worst wrestling show currently airing on any television channels no matter how much the WWE tries to fix it ECW is long dead .the story lines are horrible the matches have no value and lets be serious any one can be a champion in ECW.

Many people say that TNA is bad and that TNA will never be as good as the WWE but TNA at least know who they are. With ECW we see wrestlers who are trying to live up to the name of the ECW of the past but the reality is that this ECW will never be the ECW of the past.

This brand of the WWE should have never got lift off or a green light because while it is good for up and coming stars it has no value to the viewers. This ECW brand would have more value if it were operating under the name of WCW, because at least fans loved WCW.

Again the question is what does the WWE wins by placing one of its aces on a c brand show? The answer is nothing.

Christian should be wrestling at either smack down or raw with the best of them because he has just as much if not more talent than the top guys on either show. He can be more entertaining than John Cena who is over due for a character refreshment, and can hold his own against edge or Jeff hardy on either show.

But yet he has to settle wrestling in the c brand show with a group of nobodies that he will have to try to make them all shine before he can reach the top in the WWE. The WWE really missed out on a big chance to reach for the top by not placing Christian in the right place.

But as stupid as their decision was they will have a chance to correct it when the draft comes after wrestle mania. If they remain Christian at ECW after the draft than they will be losing not only ratings but also the opportunities at great story lines with Christian on the same show as Edge or vs. Edge.

Christian vs. Chris Jericho has great potential or Christian vs. Randy Orton. Regardless of how you spell it, Christian has the potential to make the WWE big buck if used the right way.

I am just shocked with the bad decision that the WWE made by not placing Christian in the big pond right away. Either way, the final question comes down to this and many have started asking themselves ever since Christian appeared on ECW.

Will Christian ever become an “Instant Classic” under the WWE?