The Manliest Sport Ever Played

Mike MurdockContributor IFebruary 12, 2009

Webster defines sports as “Physical activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively.”

This would be what I call the liberal definition. To me, and most other men, sports are a way to compete with other men to prove one’s manliness. Which leads me to the point of this article, what is the manliest sport? Furthermore, what makes a sport manly in the first place?

Even further more, what makes a man manly?

What makes a man a man changes through interpretation. Granted these are all stereotypes and obviously not fact but common opinions. To women, the manliest of men would be a gentleman.

To a common man, the manliest of men would be a man of strength, athletic ability, a way with females, and a beard (basically Chuck Norris). To a more sophisticated man, being manly might mean clean cut, handsome, intellectual, a way with the ladies (typical trait of a real man), and athletic ability.

To me, the universal man would be my definition of a man. Athletic ability, intellect, some strength, handsome, beard optional, and of course a way with the ladies, would be the traits for the manliest of men.

With all of that in mind, what is the manliest sport? There are so many aspects and views on manliness that it is nearly impossible to pick, how ever I am going to, and I’m positive there will be multiple people who disagree with me.

The manliest sport is with out a shadow of a doubt, golf. I am positive every one reading this thought “is this guy crazy,” but let me argue my point.

Golf is a gentleman’s game, which allows it to fall into three of the four stereotypes of manliness. Also, girls can play golf, which means that if you play your cards right, you can combine having a way with the ladies with the sport, scoring three more times in the stereotype count.

It requires ions of mental strength, +3. Athletic ability is a must when pertaining to hand eye coordination, +4. Also it is a competitive sport. There are intricate and simple ways of gambling on your self with your buddies while playing it. It is a sport of tradition.

There are countless variations to the game, if one was ever to get bored with it. It is never, ever, the same twice. The best part about golf is that there is always, always, a competition. Even if you are all alone, you compete against your self and the course. As Will Smith said in

The Legend of Bagger Vance: “It is a game that can’t be won, only played.”

Just a side note, with all of this in mind, the manliest athlete of this era is John Smoltz. Smoltz is a scratch golfer, a hall of fame pitcher, physically strong, and remarkably similar looking to Chuck Norris.

Golf brings billions of men together every year, in the spirit of leisure, competition, or gambling. All of which are traits that manliest of men can fully appreciate. That is why golf is the manliest sport of them all.