Memo to Bud Selig: Let Jason Giambi Apologize

Zander FreundSenior Writer IJune 14, 2007

IconNice going, Bud.
ESPN is reporting that MLB Commissioner Bud Selig is strongly considering suspending Yankee slugger Jason Giambi, who in an interview with USA Today nearly a month ago apologized—on behalf of himself, the players, and the owners—for the use of steroids in professional baseball.
So let me get this straight, Allan Huber "Bud" Selig Junior (if that is your real name): Former juicehead Jason Giambi finally comes clean with the truth, something you've been asking the players to do all along.  He swallows his pride and makes a public apology to the fans of America—for the deterioration of the game that occurred under your watch. 
And what do you give him in return? 
A "talk to George Mitchell OR ELSE" threat. 
I just don't get it.  Don't you understand that if you threaten every player who tries to tell the truth, they're just going to keep their mouths shut?  What incentive do they have to offer an apology and admit to their mistakes if doing so is likely to land them a suspension from the game, a thorough criminal investigation, and further public humiliation? 
Maybe you should step up to the plate and be a man for once, Bud: a reasonable, honest man who follows his heart instead of playing party politics. 
You know, the kind who admits when he's done the wrong thing, and doesn't try to sell out his co-workers for publicity. 
The kind of person who doesn't try to make a national spectacle out of a problem he's largely responsible for, just so he can strike a pose in front of the camera. 
Kind of like, I don't know, who's a good example—oh yeah: that money-hungry, steroid-loving, two-time-MVP-turned-.260-hitter Jason Giambi. 
Be more like Jason Giambi, Bud, and the truth will set you free.