Image Men: Faces of the NFL, Part One

Divya ParmarSenior Analyst IMarch 8, 2008

The retirement of Brett Favre got me thinking: Brett Favre was one of the faces of the NFL. After some thought,  I list some other faces of the league that is the NFL. The list is in reverse order. I will count down from 5 to 1 in Part Two.

9. (Tie) Terrell Owens/Chad Johnson/Randy Moss

All three are obviously extremely talented wide receivers, but are prima donnas. They are all very exciting to watch. They put the Fun in NFL, but their antics and egos kill team chemistry.

8. Dishonorable Mention: Michael Vick.

Vick has so much natural talent. He can run like a sprinter. He has a cannon-strong arm, but has questionable accuracy. Vick was so exciting that he single-handedly sold-out every Falcons game. He was supposed to revolutionize the quarterback position, but some injuries and a dog-fighting scandal train-wrecked his career. He may never play another NFL game.

7. Vince Young

Vince made the cover of Madden '08. He is a dual-threat both running and passing, even though he has accuracy problems. Vince is a clutch player, and showed it when he returned to Houston, a team that passed on him in the draft, and scored the game winning TD in overtime. Vince can will a team to victory at times with his competitiveness.

6.  Reggie Bush

Bush has a lot of talent. He is very explosive, fast, and agile. Bush has national endorsements with Pepsi, Adidas and Subway, and he has helped rebuild New Orleans. Reggie can return kicks and punts, run the ball, and line up as a wide receiver. Overall, Reggie Bush has great potential on and off the field.

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