‪50 Pictures of Fans Freaking the Freak Out‬

Zack Pumerantz@z_pumerantzAnalyst IIIJune 15, 2012

‪50 Pictures of Fans Freaking the Freak Out‬

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    Forget the box scores, highlight reels and player reactions. The only way to truly judge the outcome of a game is by reviewing the stadium-wide fan reactions.

    Not their comments or ridiculous poster-board signs, but rather by their open-mouthed gawks, ferocious stares and comical flails. Fan shots are rarely normal, and never subtle.

    There's no scenario in which these passionate fanatics aren't seen erupting like a pot of boiling water.

    These explosive diehards continue to define the world of sports.

    Here are 50 pictures of fans freaking out...hardcore.

    We thank the photographers for catching these epic moments and the fans for having the audacity to produce such breathtaking art.

50. The Tooth Fairy

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    Gingivitis is believed to be the No. 1 reason of all tooth decay.

49. The Rockstar

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    Gene Simmons would be proud.

48. Urban Lurkin'

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    Look Ma, only one hand!

47. An Ancient Tradition

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    Beloved, feared, studied. Raider Nation is a unique species.

46. Schedule in Conflict

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    Calm down bro, the game is tomorrow.

45. Permanently Striped

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    He may not come out of this.

44. A Lone Species

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    Amid a calm, relaxed audience of more than several thousand is one thought-to-be-extinct Wookie.

    He must've smelled the Ewok meat roasting in the press box.

43. A Rush of Blood to the Head

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    Most Neil Peart impressions turn into this.

42. A Nightmare Past

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    A juicy Big Mac is the only improvement we see fit.

41. Green and Mean

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    The squirmy green creature crawling beside the gargantuan Caucasian makes this shot somehow more uncomfortable.

40. Intermission Mission

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    Some fans just can't handle the seventh inning stretch.

39. Philly Pheastin'

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    A fish eye-esque lens makes this Flyer fan shot that much more legendary.

38. Mr. Congeniality

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    The only thing he forgot on the way to the game were his dentures. Other than that, great work.

37. Gentleman's Quarterly

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    And he hasn't even popped the champagne like they won a championship game (thank you Weezy).

36. Unique New York

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    This may seem calm to most, but Mets fans understand that underneath the melancholy exterior is a fuming fanatic ready to burst.

    The Amazins, however, might just be on the cusp of surprising the world.

35. Duck Season

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    Perhaps attempting a ferocious quack really does motivate the Oregon football team. This dude's neighbor doesn't seem to agree.

34. Duke's Flukes

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    We'll have what they're having.

33. Wisconsin Ice Age

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    This curious artifact was thought to be from an ancient culture when it was uncovered moments ago. On second glance, it's clearly just a frozen Cheesehead.

32. Frozen in Time

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    World Cup madness. Nothing out of the norm here.

31. Pointer, Texas Ranger

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    Relax big guy, the Texans won a single playoff game. Although it was with T.J. Yates at the helm...alright bravo.

30. Blood Vessel Madness

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    The life of a soccer fan is rarely anything close to calm.

29. West Coasting

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    We haven't seen Snoop this excited since he was discovered by Dr. Dre in 1992.

28. The Boiling Point

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    Perhaps he'd feel a lot better if he ripped off the handcrafted hemp choker.

27. Culture Shock

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    His piercing stare and point may seem routine for Raider Nation, but we believe this is a warning.

    Don't ever question the Black Hole.

26. Blue Fan Group

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    A legendary side view is the only way to appreciate this type of loyalty.

25. A New Breed

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    Such a regal creature, truly breathtaking.

24. Wrap Battle

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    Few can resist the temptation to pop those bubbles.

23. Boston Delicacy

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    This is how Red Sox fans dealt with 86 championship-less years.

22. Hokie Dokie

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    Face Paint: $10

    Ridiculous Cape: $13.50

    Scaring young children: priceless

21. New Zealand Feelin'

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    Somehow this creation looks like the product of Marilyn Manson and Bill Colbert merged into one.

20. Here's Johnny

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    Jack Nicholson is the greatest sixth man in Lakers history.

19. Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

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    He may want to check those trousers at the commercial break.

18. Oh Canada

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    Fact of the Day: The east coast of Canada was settled by Vikings around the year A.D. 1000.

17. That Kung Fu Grip

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    Motivating Cam Newton and company one grinding expression at a time.

16. A Moment of Clarity

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    Only in sports is this socially acceptable.

15. Invincible

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    If only Philadelphia bartender Vince Papale came to tryouts in this getup. He could've been something special.

14. Dominating Ivory Coast

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    The human statue can remain like this the rest of the game.

13. Jamming out in Louisiana

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    This Jam is ridiculously awesome! Eat it!

12. The Ringleader

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    More like "Tommy want Wingy".

11. World Travels

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    Just a crazy Italian fan who traveled all the way from Rome to cheer on the Packers.

10. A Tongue Twister

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    The next one to say this monkey isn't allowed in the arena is getting licked.

9. The Wild Bill

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    Disturbing, inspirational, baffling. There are few adjectives that don't describe this memorable masterpiece.

8. A Burning Desire

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    Aneurysm alert...He'll be a legend at work tomorrow.

7. The Human Vendor

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    Just another day at the office for this entrepreneur.

6. Heavy Duty Determination

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    The sexiest hardwood performance to date. Fact.

5. Watch the Gap

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    Going the Michael Strahan route? Alright, alright.

4. The Great Gator

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    Not now ladies, Timmy's got some Tebowing to do.

3. A-Head of the Game

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    11 Stanley Cups can have this effect on people.

2. The Origin of Marbles

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    Isuro Tanaka from Major League II?

1. Dazed and Confused

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    Just a harmless tailgate gone horribly wrong.