NBA: Lebron Still King, Knicks Still Suck, Thomas Still Coach

Kieran HaweAnalyst IMarch 6, 2008

Last night Lebron James showed why he should be the NBA MVP dropping 50 points and 10 assists on the hapless New York Knicks.

Most of the Garden chanted “MVP!” in the last minute of the game—one over zealous Cavaliers fan even ran onto the court to let Lebron know how much he loves him. How sad is it that the best and most loved person in the Garden is on the other team? How sad is it that this is usually the case every night?

Being the true NBA statesman that he is Lebron had this to say after the game: “I’ve dreamed about playing well in this building and it’s overtaken of how I could ever dream about. To get a standing ovation in the greatest basketball arena in the world, it was a dream come true for me. It’s one of the best things that ever happened to me.”

Meanwhile, the Cleveland Cavaliers rolled over the Knicks 119-105 as the Knicks drop to 18-43. Outside of Lebron the Cavaliers got 15 points from Damon James and Devin Brown added 14 as the Cavs won their thrid straight game.

The Knicks were led by Jamal Crawford who pout in 25, Nate Robinson who put in 24 and big soft Eddy Curry who added 20. The Knicks dropped their fourth game in a row as fans still wonder how Isiah Thomas still has a job.

Seriously. How does Thomas still have a job? His team hates him. The star player he fought Larry Brown over (Stephon Marbury) is banned from MSG. The Knicks just keep losing and to make it worse even though they have no shot at the playoffs Thomas doesn’t play his young talent. Thomas has prooved over and over again he is the worst basketball coach and executive, now the Dolan family has prooved they are the worst team owners.

Ugh. I hate being a Knicks fan right now.