The 10 Best Extreme Athletes To Play in the X-Games

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The 10 Best Extreme Athletes To Play in the X-Games

According to Encarta® World English Dictionary, an "extreme sport" is "a sport considered more dangerous and thrilling than ordinary sports and often involving hazardous airborne stunts and tricks.

Extreme sports include skateboarding, snowboarding, in-line skating, skysurfing, wakeboarding, and stunt bicycling."

A prime example of extreme sports take place annually at the Winter and Summer X-Games.

Being a former skateboarder myself (note: I was not at all good), I respect the X-Games. I watch them annual on ESPN. I hope to one day attend an event.

Since 1995, extreme athletes from all over the world have competed in the annual Winter and Summer X-Games.

X-Game viewers have seen it all, from skateboard legend Tony Hawk's 900 in the half-pipe to motocross great Travis Pastrana's double backflip on a huge mound of dirt.

The X-Games have been increasingly growing ever since the first year in Rhode Island and Vermont. The ratings, attendance, participants, publicity have all sky rocketed since the first games.

Like the Olympics, the X-Games involve bronze, silver, and gold medal system. Also, many valuable prizes are available for contestants to win.

Since the beginning of the games, numerous participants have flew in the air or did a grind on a rail.

With the recent conclusion of the 2009 Winter X-Games XIII, let's take a look a the greatest extreme athletes since 1995.

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