David Beckham Gets England Call Up for Spain Friendly

DJContributor IFebruary 7, 2009

Earlier today, England manager Fabio Capello gave David Beckham the opportunity to reach his 108th England cap by selecting the AC Milan midfielder for the upcoming friendly against European champions Spain. 

“Beckham is a very important player and David's form is okay now,” Capello said, "and now he is fit."  And when fit, there is no one in England who can supply golden balls—no pun intended—better than an "in-form" Beckham.  

With Steven Gerrard, Theo Walcott, and Joe Cole out injured, Becks may also get a starting nod from the manager. This wouldn't be a bad idea because with the way Beckham is playing for AC Milan, he can give some problems to the Spanish defenders. 

Not only is David becoming a quick fan favorite at the San Siro, but also one of Milan's best players and according to Carlo Ancelotti (Milan manager), "indispensable".

Now, the Spain friendly could be another historic night in the career of David Beckham, but if he wants to keep making history and continue playing for his country, he has to stay in Milan. 

According to recent reports, The LA Galaxy rejected a bid from Milan, but apparently Milan will come back with a bigger bid to keep Beckham's services on a permanent basis.  

As a soccer fan in the States, having someone of Beckham's stature playing here was incredible. I'll admit I'll hate to see him go, but no matter what soccer experts may say or the MLS, if Becks stays, his England career will surely be over. 

I'm sorry, but the MLS is nowhere near being in the conversation with the English Premier League, La Liga, or Serie A. European managers just aren't going to follow a league they deem inferior to find national team squad members. Maybe in time—but that time is quite a bit away. 

So if Beckham wants to continue earning England call-ups and adding to his cap total, he has to play top tier football at a top tier club. Where else can he do that but Milan?

Then it will be all up to him to prove he can warrant a place in England's 2010 World Cup qualifiers and eventually the 2010 World Cup squad.  

So here's to 108, and counting.