Adam Morrison Moving To LA after Lakers and Charlotte Bobcats Trade

Levi WootenContributor IFebruary 7, 2009

On Saturday the Lakers swapped Vladimir Radmanovic for Adam Morrison. Shannon Brown was also involved in the deal as he was traded to the Charlotte Bobcats. Morrison was Michael Jordan's first ever draft pick and he had to say goodbye to him on Saturday.

This is the second major deal the Bobcats have made this season. The first big move they made was a while back when they traded away Jason Richardson for Raja Bell and Boris Diaw to the Phoenix Suns.

Jordan's first major decision after becoming part owner with the final say on all basketball decisions was taking Morrison with the third overall pick in the 2006 draft.

"We definitely wish him well," Bobcats general manager Rod Higgans said of Morrison. "He's a good kid and hopefully he gets an opportunity to play. You never know, he might get a chance to win a [championship] ring."

The move is the third trade the Bobcats have made this season in a roster shakeup under Brown, who is trying to get the fifth-year Bobcats to the playoffs for the first time.

This should make for an interesting finish to the 2009 NBA season and the future of the Charlotte Bobcats.