Lane Kiffin: Quick Thoughts and Observations

Michael BrizendineContributor IFebruary 6, 2009

By now, anyone who follows college football knows about Lane Kiffin's recent tirade.  Most people believe Kiffin will grow out of this type of behavior after he hits puberty, but I'm not so sure. 

I see Kiffin's recent rant as an inevitable sign of the implosion to come.

I have a good friend that's a huge UT fan.  In our conversations, he insists that we're all playing into Kiffin's hands, and that no publicity is bad publicity. 

To counter, I added that Kiffin accomplished nothing more than putting a bullseye on his back.  True, Kiffin got his five minutes of fame, but he burned the equivalent of the Bang Na Expressway (the world's longest bridge). 

What good can possibly come from this, if you're Kiffin?

  • You've obviously proven that you're manic, immature, and uneducated about NCAA rules.
  • You've opened the door for every coach to report you for the slightest of violations, which they may have otherwise overlooked.
  • You've confused a delusion of grandeur with actual talent.  You're not a proven winner, nor is most of your staff.
  • You've bashed your first signing class, and basically called them sub-par.  I would feel cheated if I signed with UT this year.  Saban never dogged his first class (though it was a top 10).
  • You've written a check with your mouth your (expletive rhyming with mass) can't cash:  Alabama just pulled a huge recruit out of an area you boasted you were going to lock down.
  • You've exposed your assistants for the idiots they are by letting Lance Thompson ramble his verbal diarrhea out in public.
  • You've subjected your team to inevitable injury, agony, and torture, given that Saban, Meyer, and maybe others will attempt to score a record amount of points in one game.
  • You've proven yourself to be a deceitful liar, with the antics you pulled with Richardson.  What proud parent wants their kid to have to resort to being a liar?
  • You burned any opportunity you have in South Florida by bashing the schools, coaches, and communities.
  • You've already violated two rules, in less than two months.

The list can go on and on and on. 

For the people that see this as a good thing for Kiffin, I'd ask them to take a step back and see what's really going to happen. 

This is like trying to kiss a rattlesnake on the lips.  You just don't do it.