Mets-Phillies, Close Again?

Mike KentSenior Writer IFebruary 5, 2009

Both the Mets and the Phillies have gotten better this offseason. They both look like they are ready to roll and win lots of games. But will they both or will one team fall way short of the NL east title?

The Phillies are last year's World Series champions. So lets look at them first. This offseason they have been on the move. They got a new left fielder in Raul Ibanez who had 23 home runs and 110 RBI for the Mariners last season.

The Phillies may not be done. They are hoping to add Nomar Garciaparra to their team, and maybe another relief pitcher

And it looks like Chase Utley will be back sooner then expected, maybe even late April. So they will not miss him for long, and they got other great hitters like Howard and Jimmy that will pick up the slack.

For the Mets, Omar went shopping and did a great job. Give the guy some credit, nobody gives him any, this is the time to start.

The Mets got a new great closer in K-Rod who was the second best closer in baseball last season. The first one is on the Phillies. Lidge did a great job last season.

The Mets also got J.J. Puts who was a closer for Settle, but the best part of that trade was getting rid of Aaron Heilman who blew for the Mets last season.

They also got two new starting pitchers in Ridding and Garcia who will start in the minors and will be a back up together with the soon to be Great pitcher Jonathan Niese. 

Omar said the Mets were not going to make any more big deals, but that is ok. The Mets have David Wright and Jose Reyes will lead the team and the Carlos's will guide them through the long season. 

So it looks like the Mets and Phillies are still about even after this offseason, and that means we got our answer.

The Mets and Phillies will finish close again this year, and it is to soon to tell who has the advantage.

I think they will both make the playoffs this year, one as the wild card and one as the division champion.

To both teams the best of luck (but more to the Mets).


Now That the season is so close, it is time to get back to Baseball and get ready for opening day, so i ask all writers to keep the baseball articles coming!!