Andrew Luck's Legacy vs. Cheerleader Fail Which Sucks More?: BR5

BR5Daily ShowMay 23, 2012

Welcome to BR5, your daily source for sports and pop culture news. Today, we check back in with one of BR5's favorite weekly segments for, "Which Sucks More Wednesdays." 

Which sucks more? We all know about Andrew Luck: first pick of the 2012 NFL draft, former Stanford elite QB, and we assume an all-around nice guy. He made a major impact on the game at his alma mater and will be remembered there for years to come. But, does he want to be remembered this way...

An anonymous donor left a a hefty endowment to the athletic department that will require Luck's legacy to live on in the program. Permanently. Stanford's Offensive Coodinator position will know be know as, "Andrew Luck Director of Offense" or ALDOC for short. It's got to be rough to have to change your title on all your business cards. Also, BR5 doubt that explaining the story will ever be enjoyable. 

That definitely sucks. But does this suck more? A video lit up the internet yesterday that featured an innocent cheerleader trying out new moves on the fields. She is doing a typical cheer kick while her friends watch on but then it goes terribly wrong. She manages to kick herself directly in the face. Apparently, being too flexible can have its disadvantages. Unfortunately for her, someone was recording the mishap and now the whole world can relish in her misery. 

That's what we have on the board for "Which Sucks More" this week. Let us know in the comments who you think suffered more. 

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