The Fifth Bald Prophet 2009 Bracket Projection

Marc DaleyAnalyst IFebruary 2, 2009

Connecticut takes over as the overall No. 1 seed.  North Carolina replaces Pitt as a No. 1 seed. 

Minnesota was a big mover this week and moved up to a five-seed.  They have a solid profile, have only lost three games all year, and took apart Illinois.

Arizona State took the opposite route and moved down from a three to a nine-seed.  Two straight losses took them down to middle status in the Pac-10. 

The last four teams in were Florida State (.500 in the ACC and have beaten Cal and Florida), Michigan (17th strength of schedule, wins over Duke, UCLA, and Illinois), St. Mary's (dropped like a brick and lost Patty Mills but still have only three losses this year), and Providence (6-3 in the Big East, beat Syracuse and have an improving profile).

The last four out are Georgetown (UConn is their signature win, but 3-6 in the Big East and five straight losses), Baylor (lost their last two following a 11-seed last week), VCU (decent RPI but don't see Colonial getting two teams in), and Tennessee (the SEC gets shafted as this schizophrenic team dances on the edge too long.)



1 UConn v. 16 Play-In (Holy Cross/Alabama St.)

2 Wake Forest v. 15 ETSU

3 Xavier v. 14 Vermont

4 Purdue v. 13 Buffalo

5 Texas v. 12 Florida State

6 Syracuse v. 11 Penn State

7 South Carolina v. 10 California

8 Davidson v. 9 Siena



1 Duke v. 16 Morgan State

2 Pitt v. 15 Morehead State

3 Michigan State v. 14 Cornell

4 Kansas v. 13 Western Kentucky

5 UCLA v. 12 Michigan

6 Florida v. 11 Texas A&M

7 Southern Cal v. 10 San Diego State

8 West Virginia v. 9 Dayton



1 UNC v. 16 Robert Morris

2 Marquette v. 15 VMI

3 Memphis v. 14 North Dakota State

4 Villanova v. 13 Northern Iowa

5 Minnesota v. 12 St. Mary’s

6 Missouri v. 11 Utah

7 Ohio State v. 10 Virginia Tech

8 Kentucky v. 9 Arizona State



1 Oklahoma v. 16 Long Beach State

2 Louisville v. 15 Weber State

3 Clemson v. 14 Stephen F. Austin

4 Butler v. 13 Northeastern

5 Washington v. 12 Providence

6 Illinois v. 11 LSU

7 Gonzaga v. 10 Utah State

8 UNLV v. 9 Boston College


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