Jackson Begins New Era At Boston College

JB McCandlesCorrespondent IFebruary 1, 2009

Reggie Jackson was literally an unknown prospect heading into last spring. He was considered the biggest surprise of any west coast recruit. He was then regarded as the No. 2 guard in the west.

He has a seven-foot wingspan. He was listed as an athlete with superior quickness. He was said to rarely force the action. He was also said to have devastating defensive ability, due to his size.  

Jackson was ranked No. 94 in the ESPNU 100. In 2008, he was named Gatorade Player of the Year in Colorado.

Jackson had considered Nevada, Wyoming, Texas A&M, and Marquette. He ultimately chose Boston College and he made this decision wisely, considering he has seen this world many a times.

He has lived in Italy, England, North Dakota, Georgia, and Florida, before he and his family settled in Colorado as a sixth grader.

Jackson was also a tremendous football player. He earned all conference first team and all city second team as a senior.  BC has seen its share of solid freshman—Jared Dudley, Tyrese Rice, former Eagle Shamari Spears, Rakim Sanders, and now Reggie Jackson.

Picking BC means that Jackson could easily go down as one of BC's all-time leading scorers. He is averaging eight points a game.

As the likely successor of Tyrese Rice, Jackson attains many of the attributes as Rice does. He can drive, dribble, shoot, play solid defense, and make the big play when his team needs it.

As I watch him play, I have flash backs of Rice's freshman year. During Rice's freshman year, BC had reached a pinnacle. Rice averaged nine points a game his freshman year.

Jackson's abilities could be the difference for BC this year. He has made many big plays and shots this year for BC.

BC has been playing their best basketball of late. Fresh off a triumphant victory over Virginia Tech, BC has been firing on all cylinders.

This season could be the beginnings of another dominating era of BC basketball. Since the graduation of Craig Smith, BC basketball has been down. There is no better season than this one to put BC back on the map.

BC has a senior leader, like Craig Smith, in Tyrese Rice. They have little experience in Rakim Sanders, Joe Trapani, Josh Southern, Corey Raji, and Biko Paris, but all of these sophmores have the talent to carry this team.

Jackson is the next point guard at BC. He has the abilities to be a tremendous college basketball player.

With Jackson in the mix for the next four years and the experience gained by the sophomore class, this season could be a new beginning for BC basketball.

If BC were to place fourth to sixth place this year in the ACC, it would be a great sucess considering where they were picked to finish.

Next year and the year after, I believe BC can only get better. Those teams will be Jackson's teams, just like the last two years have belonged to Rice.

There is no telling if BC will continue to play at this rate, but we do know that they have the ability and potential to compete at the top of the ACC.