Are The Pistons In Trouble?

Kyle BalingerContributor IJanuary 31, 2009

Are the Pistons finally losing it? Some people would think that the Pistons are going down hill. Scratch that, most people think that they are losing it.

Before the big trade for Allen Iverson, the Pistons were 10-2, on the top of the NBA. However, after sending away Chauncey Billups and bringing in Iverson, the Pistons 21-20, just one game above .500.

The big reason is not because the Pistons lack talent, it's because they can't get the assists they used to. Billups averaged almost ten assists a game, while Iverson is only averaging around five!

Even though they are sharing the ball less, the Pistons are still a great scoring team. They have been held under 80 points only five times. Two of those games came against the Celtics and the Hawks, very good Eastern Conference teams.

The Pistons have all five of their starters scoring at least 10 PPG. The center, Rasheed Wallace, averages about 13 PPG, Allen Iverson averages about 18 PPG, and captain Richard (Rip) Hamilton averages about 17 PPG.

This team's offense is great, and their defense is also a powerhouse.

The Pistons average about five blocks a game, about a block more per game than the average NBA team. Wallace leads Detroit in blocks with 1.5 per game. The Pistons also average 6.5 steals per game, about a steal more than the average NBA team. Iverson leads the Pistons in steals with 1.5 a game.

This Pistons team is falling behind, and their games won't get any easier. The players are performing well by themselves, just not together.

Hopefully the Pistons will pull it together before it's too late. The Pistons haven't missed the playoffs in at least six years. Will they make it this year? Only time will tell.