NBA Draft 2012: 10 Probable First-Round Picks Guaranteed to Be Busts

Trevor Lowry@@TheTrevorLowryContributor IMay 11, 2012

NBA Draft 2012: 10 Probable First-Round Picks Guaranteed to Be Busts

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    Not every college basketball player is fit for the NBA.

    That includes many college players who get drafted in the NBA draft as well. Year after year, there are first-round picks that turn out to be busts. In professional sports, that is just a fact of life.

    There have been players who were incredible in college and amounted to nothing at the next level. Simply put, it happens.

    So, in the spirit of everything, read on to find out 10 probable first-round picks who are guaranteed to be busts. 

Perry Jones, Baylor

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    Perry Jones is easily one of the most well-rounded players in the draft, but so what. Jones did not play up to his hype whatsoever for Baylor. 

    The kid is good enough to average 20 points per game and 10 rebounds, but instead he only averaged 13.5 points per game and 7.6 rebounds per game last season. 

    Jones can obviously rebound the ball, play defense and score at a high rate, but he can't seem to put it all together on a nightly basis. He couldn't in college, so what makes anyone think that he can at the next level, when the competition is on a completely different scale?

    Jones has so much talent, but he is also so up and down.  

Fab Melo, Syracuse

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    Fab Melo is decent at both rebounding the ball and on defense, but that is it.

    He definitely does not have the highest basketball I.Q. in the world. He also is pretty weak on the offensive side of the ball. Syracuse may have not scored a whole lot of points last season, ranking 39th in the country in that department, but you would expect a seven-footer to average more than 7.8 points per game. 

    You would also expect your center to average more than 5.8 rebounds per game, but we are talking about Fab Melo here. 

    The 2012 NBA draft does not have a whole lot of quality centers, hence why Melo will most likely be picked in the first round—just to be a bust in the NBA. 

Damian Lillard, Weber State

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    Damian Lillard's 24.5 points per game was pretty sold this past season, but Weber State's competition was far from it.

    Being in the Big Sky Conference, Weber State obviously did not have the toughest schedule in the world this season, which definitely inflated Lillard's production on offense.  

    Lillard is listed as a point guard, but he plays more like a ball hog. He only averaged four assists on the dot last season. This wouldn't be a problem if Lillard could just move over to the shooting guard position in the NBA, but the fact that he is only 6'2'' kind of crushes that theory.

Meyers Leonard, Illinois

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    Meyers Leonard is a much better prospect than most of the centers in the draft, but that is not saying a whole lot. 

    Leonard is pretty weak on the offensive side of the ball, which makes him somewhat of a risk.

    The main reason that Leonard is projected so high is because he is a true seven-footer. However, that does not guarantee anything in the NBA other than him being one of the tallest players on the court. 

Terrence Jones, Kentucky

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    Terrence Jones has his fare share of hatters, and I am starting to agree with them.

    Jones obviously has a lot of potential, which he has yet to meet. He was supposed to be the best player on Kentucky this year, but looked more like the third or fourth best at times.

    At 6'8'', Jones should play like a forward, but he shoots too many threes, and doesn't make them at a high rate. He should focus more on his actual position and let the shooters do the shooting.

    There are times that Jones plays at 100 percent and there are times that it's hard to even notice that he is on the court. 

Jeremy Lamb, Connecticut

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    Jeremy Lamb had way too much hype going into the 2011-2012 college basketball season. He may have averaged 17.7 points per game, but he was far from being clutch when he really needed to be.

    Hmm, no wonder why Connecticut was such a disappointment this season.

    Lamb may be a good shooter, but so are so many other players in the NBA.  

Tony Wroten Jr., Washington

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    Where do we start with Tony Wroten Jr.?

    Well, he jacks up shots whether open or not, he is pretty reckless and his shot could use some improvement. Does that really sound like an NBA point guard?

    Hopefully you are saying no. 

Jared Sullinger, Ohio State

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    Jared Sullinger plays the game like a center, but he is well undersized for that position. Heck, for that matter, he is undersized for a power forward.

    Whatever the case, Sullinger's length and strength definitely help make up for his size.

    What doesn't help his case, though, is the fact that he moves really slow laterally, he plays below the rim, he has problems with conditioning, which definitely doesn't help his motor, and he is not a great athlete. 

Andre Drummond, Connecticut

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    I'm not really sure why Andre Drummond might go No. 2 overall in the draft, but it is what it is.

    For being a top-five pick, you would think that Drummond would average more than 10 points per game, but he doesn't, and he is obviously lacking on the offensive side of the ball.

    Drummond was very inconsistent this season and that alone should have made him want to return to Connecticut for at least another year.

Thomas Robinson, Kansas

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    Just like Jared Sullinger, Thomas Robinson's natural position is center, and just like Sullinger, Robinson is too short to play the big man position at the next level.

    Who knows how tall Robinson really is. He is listed anywhere from 6'7'' to 6'10''. If he is really 6'10'', then great, but he most likely is not, which will not help his chances of succeeding in the NBA. 

    Robinson may have bullied opponents on the boards in college, but will he be able to do it against people way taller than him at the next level?

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