WWE Tries To Be Unpredictable: It's Working...and Not Working

AkDSenior Writer IJanuary 30, 2009

Is it me or is WWE trying to be harder to predict?

After always hearing how predictable they are, they've tried to throw use some curveballs. These last recent weeks they have done so, with the exception of Orton winning the rumble.

Last RAW when Kofi Kingston faced Kane for a chamber spot I believed it was a squash match that would see Kane winning in about five minutes. To everyone's surprise, Kingston defeated Kane and is heading into the elimination chamber at No Way Out on Feb. 15.

It was a nice surprise but are you serious? Imagine whats going to happen to Kofi in there. He's going to get destroyed. I know WWE pulled a fast one putting him in the chamber but I don't think they'll award him the World Heavyweight Championship. I see the chamber coming down to Jericho and Cena.

The Matt Hardy curveball was a decent surprise, which I later enjoyed because it served all those people who wouldn't zip their yappers about Christian right. Back to Kofi, I have no doubt he'll get a huge pop when he enters and he'll do some high flyer moves at most.

It's hard to believe that he'll make an impact in the chamber.

Kane is left out of the party again...Will the same happen at Wrestlemania 25? If WWE wants to really throw a curveball at us, then they have to really steer Orton and Legacy into a different direction.

Everyone were already talking about Shane McMahon versus Orton after Vince got punted. They punish us for babbling about Cage but keep Orton's angle the same? Granted Orton is probably the biggest superstar right now, they can still pitch another curve ball at us.

I've suggested a million times that Stephanie align herself with Orton. It was the perfect moment on RAW.

The whole locker room was out and Stephanie and Orton were at each other's throats. Imagine Stephanie saying "I'm not going to fire you" and or just hug or shake hands. It would have been a jaw dropper.

Instead, we get what we predicted...Shane O' Mac coming down to the ring and dismantling the Legacy. Even when they fought WWE had a second window of opportunity to shock us all.

Stephanie could have came in with a chair and right as Shane was going to hit Orton, she could have low-blowed him. But that didn't happen. WWE will have one more chance at No Way Out, so lets hope they'll get us again.

As for Christian I really don't know and really don't care at this point. He can still come in but I don't know what'll he do. Undertaker could be the X-factor here. People are babbling about his possible opponents.

He should face someone great but rarely talked about. HBK was great but people have begun to jump on that like Christian coming to the rumble.

Koslov and Umaga talks have got to stop as well.

Shelton Benjamin would be a great choice, however he would be a far choice as well. He wrestled against Taker on two back to back Smackdowns and the matches were worked great. Taker also eliminated the gold standard in the royal rumble.

Shelton isn't that well over with the fans and would have to a brush up on his mic skills and gimmick maybe. Shelton is a great wrestler and even though its a stretch it would be great if it happened.

Chris Jericho would be great against the Undertaker too. He cuts promos well and could expose him the way he did for HBK,and that would be a lot better than Jericho vs Rourke.

It's pretty much February now and WWE still has two months until Wrestlemania, so let's see how creative they really are.