Green Bay Blues: Brett Favre Retires

Chris GrinsteadCorrespondent IMarch 4, 2008

Brett Favre has announced today that he will be retiring from the Green Bay Packers football team.  Rumors of the retirement have persisted over the last five years, and now it has finally become official.

Every Packers fan will remember the last play of his career as an interception in the NFC Championship game.  If I were Favre, I wouldn't have wanted to go out this way.

Still, he does leave on a good note, with every QB record under his belt and a winning season to end his career.

"He was a great ball player," said Chris Grinstead when interviewed by a Bleacher Report writer.  "He will be missed."

There is no doubt that Aaron Rodgers will be feeling the pressure for the next few years, as he is left to take the place of a future Hall of Famer.  He showed a decent performance at Dallas when Favre went down with an arm injury, but can he maintain that level of play through a whole season?

Rodgers has also had a problem with injuries, so Ted Thompson might want to draft or trade for a solid back-up to take the reins when this guy falls.

Besides Rodgers, the Pack should have a great year even without Favre.  The team will be returning most of its players from last year, except for Bubba Franks and Corey Williams.  But there’s no mistaking that it will be a tough year in the passing department.

So Favre will be gone, but the season will not.  He is a legend for sure, but you never know when the next legend will emerge.

He will be missed but the Pack won't miss a beat.

I predict that Green Bay will go back to the NFC Championship with a solid squad returning from last year, then they’ll go on to lose in the Super Bowl.