And What Now Pax?

Brandon BaytopsContributor IJanuary 27, 2009

Coming pretty close to the All-Star break and can anyone explain to me which direction the Bulls are going?  It seems no one is the captain on this ship or wants to give this team a clear vision. 

I watch this Bulls team and despite having Rose, we still have pieces that are missing.  Kirk finally came back and that's a good thing, getting healthy always helps.  But everyone, including myself is wondering when is Pax going to pull the trigger? 

Ben Gordon has been firing away and being the aggressor for a team that needs it at times and that's fine, it's understandable.  But at his height and the fact he still can't handle the ball well enough for someone to respect him driving on them, he still is a liability.  He's like Bizarro World Iverson.  He can shoot you out of the gym, but cannot handle the ball to save his life. 

Now don't get me wrong, I take nothing away from Ben, it's just that right now, he's the most tradeable piece of the puzzle in Chicago.  Kirk is a good back up for Rose, and can always play alongside him.  Lindsey Hunter isn't a long term solution, so we need Kirk right now.

Pax can't change things over night and bring in a athletic two guard and a big man in one trade, but he could at least try to get one of the two positions.  Larry Hughes is a shell of himself when he is healthy and happy.  Seflosha is only good for video games, that's where we are on two guards. 

I believe subconsciously Paxson wanted to build a "team" in the true sense of the word he strayed so far away getting a dominate player for so long that he's made it pretty doggone hard to move one of the young (getting older) studs he drafted.  Was it playing with Jordan that scarred him so bad?  We all have heard the horror stories of being his teammate.  Anyway, I digress.

Right now I get the feeling that the wheels are turning, but Paxson has no clue how to remedy this inconsistent team and return them to respectability.  You just have to move Ben before the trade deadline. 

He's a great guy, lovable guy, but he's also movable money wise.  Deng and Kirk are locked in and when healthy can still perform.  Ben is still proving his worth and that he can get baskets in this league.  Pax just has to find the right deal.  I just hope as a fan he is trying to do something.