The Perfect Wrestlemania 25 Match Card

john delvallyContributor IJanuary 27, 2009

All the storylines that are generating now, you can tell from a mile away what the matches at Wrestlemania are going to be. I thought I should post the best Wrestlemania supercard ever.

Kane vs. Referee Scott Armstrong

Winner: Kane

If you notice, the same referee screwed Kane out of win, first against Orton, then Kofi Kingston. That is a potential storyline; watch it happen.

Winner Take All, Money in the Bank ladder match: Intercontinental Championship is on the line

cm punk vs. john morrison vs. the miz vs. shelton benjamen vs. the brian kendrich vs. r-truth vs. kofi kingston vs. hurricane helms.

winner: cm punk (2nd straight year)

giant vs. giant

the big show vs. the great kahli

winner: the big show

trish stratus vs. michelle mcool

winner: michelle mcool

chris jericho vs. mickey rourke

winner: mickey rourke

no-holds barred match

jeff hardy vs. matt hardy

winner: jeff hardy

the undertaker vs. shawn michaels

winner: the undertaker

ecw championship match

jack swagger(c) vs. evan bourne

winner: evan bourne

mr. kennedey vs. mvp

winner: mr.kennedey

randy orton vs. mr. McMahon

winner: randy orton

stone cold steve austin vs. hulk hogan

winner: stone cold steve austin

wwe championship match

edge(c) vs. triple h vs. christian cage

winner: christian cage

world heavyweight championship

john cena(c) vs. jbl

winner: john cena(c)

world heavyweight championship, cm punk cashes in his money in the bank contract

john cena(c) vs. cm punk

winner: cm punk


Why cm punk? Why mickey rourke? Why Michelle McCool?

1) Celebrity involvement at Wrestlemania is great, but when it comes to matches, celebrities never lose. Look at Lawrence Taylor and Floyd Mayweather.

Chris Jericho told off Mickey on raw saying that it's one thing to act as a wrestler and a totally diffrent thing to be one. obviously if the two fight, Mickey Rourke is going to be the underdog, and win.

2) Trish Stratus vs. Michelle McCool

Michelle beating trish. for one if fans like michelle more, this would kind of be like a dream match, because michelle is one of the most domiant divas next to beth phoneix, and wwe is trying to get michelle McCool over with the fans, she's getting mixed reactions even before she turned heel, so there trying to get her more popularity, with this match in place people will actually no who michelle mcool is.

3) randy orton vs. mcmhaon.

WWE is bringing back the "legend killer" persona in randy, and vince is a legend, and randy orton winning would up his status even more, but it's only obvious that orton winning will work towards his age of orton he's continuing to pursue.

4) cm punk: Second straight money in the bank and world champion

you know it and i know it. cm punk never gets enough fans behind him, such great ability in the ring and wwe dosen't allow certain moves, mixed reactions every week, you can tell who is a good stroyline actor if you can be both a great heel and face.

CM punk as a face is'nt great. now cm punk as a heel, close to worse than randy orton. wwe needs to push him farther than that garbage reign he had as champion that only lasted two months and seven days.

They need to turn him heel, push him as the world champion, cash in the money in the bank the night you won it, and edge not being the only guy with more than one money in the bank opportunity.

And the wwe knows how many people hate cena, and they know not to push it down our throat as the champ at Wrestlemania, what better way to end his reign after he successfully defended it, to a guy that has the look of new attitude era, so everyone can go to bed happy and half the face of this planet glad a heel walked out the champ.

That will be the night cm punk will actually become a household name. but it's going to be hard to turn him heel 2 weeks prior to wrestlemania or even before that.

I scrapped this idea: Another celebrity involvement feud: Candice Michelle vs. Kim Kardashian.


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