Jerome James: A New York Knicks Nightmare

Hot Stove New YorkSenior Writer IJanuary 25, 2009

Over the past seven years, the New York Knicks have been a model for futility and bad management.

From horrible trades and over-priced free agents, to the occasional foreign center who got a facial from Vince Carter, the Knicks have gone from being THE most feared team in the NBA to a perennial laughing stock.

Nobody on the current Knicks roster exemplifies this inability to make good decisions than the one and only Jerome “Two Games” James.

For those not familiar with our versatile big man, see a video here.

I’ll agree, that’s a damn good looking steak, but let’s take a look at Jerome’s contributions to the Knicks organization.

He had his best season with the Knicks in '05-'06 while averaging an extremely rare single-triple, that is less than one (1.0) steal, block, or assist per game.

He did manage to record 2.4 personal fouls a game in just over nine minutes of playing time each night.

Once asked if he was worried about former coach Nate McMillan’s accusation that he is a selfish basketball player, James responded “I don’t know what he’s talking about. I just worry about Jerome.”

So, how did the Knicks get stuck with this guy?

After averaging  a beastly five points and four rebounds per game for the Sonics from 2002-2005, Jerome put down the three cheese, two meat lasagna for 11 playoffs games averaging about 12 points and six rebounds per game.

Knicks management firmly believed that James was the next great big man—Five years/$30 million.

Then again, we thought the same thing about Jackie Butler, Bruno Sundov, Vin Baker, Michael Doleac, Nazr Mohammed, and of course Eddy “Touch It Dave” Curry.

I won’t even mention any people from France.

So what is James doing now? Nothing, actually. He’s out for the season again.

That’s four games in two years. For a discounted price of $12.5 million over those two years. That’s about $3 million a game—not bad, Jerome.

We’re paying a guy all this money to sit on the bench, and even when he does get into the game, it’s usually just a spectacle. The Knicks bench yells at him to shoot, Jerome tries to do crossovers and spin moves, throwing the ball out of bounds while the crowd goes wild.

Jerome, we’re laughing AT YOU.

You don’t deserve to wear the Blue and Orange that I bleed for every night while you sit there eating cheese steaks before every game because they make you feel good. It’s amazing to believe that Stephon Marbury gets banned from Madison Square Garden but they still let Jerome James into MSG.

I think the people of New York should raise money to buy Jerome James out of his contract so we can send this clown packing.

Enough is enough New York.