Fedor Emelianenko Is For Real

Gary WhittakerCorrespondent IJanuary 25, 2009

Jordan Small - MMA HANGOVER

Last night's main event at Affliction lived up to the hype, and then some, when WAMMA Heavyweight Champion, Fedor Emelianenko, and No. 1 contender, Andrei Arlovski, met for the first time in an epic battle of heavyweights.

This bout was a very rare occasion for MMA fans, because the best and second-best heavyweight in the world were fighting each other. And although this championship bout may have only lasted a little over three minutes, no one could argue that they didn't get their money's worth for this fight, or the entire Afflicition card.

From start to finish, both fighter were on their feet. Arlovski was arguably starting to pick Fedor apart by following his game plan with accurately placed jabs and low kicks. Then, Arlovski got comfortable and went away from his game plan as "The Pitbull" attempted a flashy flying knee on a cornered Fedor.

As Andrei took flight, Fedor countered with an over right-hand bomb which connected square on Arlovski's chin, knocking the bearded Belarusian unconscious as he still flew threw the air, eventually dropping to the ring's canvas face down.

Needless to say, that one punch had any nervous Fedor fan instantly cheering and jumping for joy as Arlovski laid motionless on the ground. It was an incredible way to end Affliction's sophomore show, and whether or not it was strategy or instinct for Fedor last night, one thing for sure is that Fedor is the best heavyweight in the world—period.

Tom Atencio must be sighing in relief that Affliction will live to see another event, which will be featuring another heavyweight WAMMA title fight.

Next time, Fedor will defend his title against the new No. 1 contender, Josh Barnett.