Why Boxing Still Has a Little More Work to Do

Bonta HillContributor IJanuary 22, 2009

If anybody thinks boxing is dead, you might want to look at the 2008 year for proof that boxing is not going anywhere but up.

Yes, the heavyweight division is crappy at best, but is that the only weight class that exists? No. From the 122-pound weight class to the 175-pound weight classes, there is some exceptional skill.

In many eyes, the problem in boxing is the matches that have been made, and the matches that have not been made. The matches that are "supposed" to be made, are starting to finally get made.

Golden Boy promotions has a lot to do with boxing being appealing again. Oscar De La Hoya, as well as his partner Richard Scheaffer has been active in signing all the top fighters, and getting them the top fights.

Top-ranked promoter Bob Arum, who promotes pound-for-pound champion Manny Pacquiao, also has been pitting some of the best fighters against each other.

Now, 2008 produced a lot of great fights, but two glaring spots that boxing is losing at. Pay-per-views, and the under-cards.

The pay-per-views are overpriced, and are becoming a bigger joke due to the fights leading up to the main event. What ever happened to the under-cards? That's one thing the promoters should be working on.

The heavyweight division is something boxing can do nothing about. There's just no talent out there.

The lineup in 2009 can be a very,very good one. The Antonio Margarito-Shane Mosely fight coming up (which you don't have to dole out the extra 50 bucks for because it's on HBO!) should set the tone.

With Pacquiao-Hatton in the balance, boxing needs that fight to be made. Boxing needs Floyd Mayweather to come back and fight Margarito, Mosely, or Miguel Cotto.

With a couple of tweaks, boxing can again become a household sport again.