To Philly Fans: How's This for a Bird?

troy testaCorrespondent IJanuary 19, 2009

Congratulations to all you Philadelphia Eagles fans for reaching another NFC Conference Championship, and once again crapping down your leg. 

What a travesty it must be to be an Eagles fan. So close to getting your hands on the Lombardi Trophy, yet so far from fulfilling your dream.

When you faithful followers of the City of Brotherly Shove mocked Tony Romo and the Cowboys, you freely admitted it was tough to determine if the Eagles win or the Cowboys loss was the greater victory.

After upsetting the Giants, Gang Green piled on Manning, calling him a choker and one-hit wonder and any other mean-spirited comment you could think to say or write.

After spewing insults and scatter shooting hate towards your NFC East rivals and their fans, you again finish the season with a massive wet fart. That's what I think of whenever I see a video of McNabb hanging his head in dejection. 

Or when I see Andy Reid ordering an extra-everything pizza into his head set.  I literally hear the large gastric bypass and ensuing reverberating noise of a long wet fart.

Philly fans, you hate everything and every one.  Especially your own team.  I just wanted you to know, we hate you too.  Enjoy another off-season of shame after another season of futility.

Spare me the comments about how its better to get to five Conference Championships and one Super Bowl in the last decade, than to have not won a single playoff game, like the Cowboys.  I know that's not true and so do you.

Please know, Philly fans, that we all laughed as you called for McNabb's head, then wanted him inducted to the Hall of Fame, then wanted his head again, all within the span of a month. You're pathetic, Eagles fans.

Let's all raise our glass and hope McNabb and Reid join forces once again next year, so they can lead the Philly faithful to another NFC Championship, or maybe even a Super Bowl, then we can all sit back and wait for the inevitable explosion.

The foul, reeking stench of failure as it spews out of the collective backsides of the Eagles and their fans.

Seriously, stink.

I got a bird for ya, Philly fans...right here!