LA Galaxy vs. New England Revolution: Rating David Beckham's Performance

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LA Galaxy vs. New England Revolution: Rating David Beckham's Performance
Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

"But David, we wonder 
We wonder if the thunder 
Is ever really gonna begin.
You want the day to come sooner 
When you've settled the score..."
—Steven Patrick Morrissey, "The National Front Disco"

It is very hard for me to give David Beckham's player rating a three out of 10, but that is what I intend to do in this piece.

I will give the New England Revolution credit for this: they are the first team this year to completely neutralize David Beckham's set piece ability. They took the game away from him, and he was unable to take it back, and with it, any hopes of the Los Angeles Galaxy defeating the Revs in their only meeting this season.

From what I saw, Beckham only had one legit set piece opportunity, and that happened late in the first half. The Revolution players are a crafty bunch in that they hid the slot machine somewhere in Kansas City so that they would not get affected by the damage Beckham could have generated.

But he is not just getting a rating of a three for poor play. Two other factors came into this. First, Beckham was subbed out with Marcelo Sarvas at halftime for Michael Stephens and Mike Magee.

Which leads us to the second factor in this rating: a reported lack of unprofessionalism.

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

Some tweets that support this...

Lee Barratt ‏ @LeeGallows
@LAGConfidential Not sure if it affected the sub but Beckham got involved with a fan down by the right touchline. He looked v.pissed
Mark D. Parker ‏ @parker_mark
My seats are next to the tunnel. There was a skirmish of some sort in the tunnel. I could only see a bit of it through the sliver between the awning and the wall, on entering the tunnel, Beckham tore his jersey off. When the rest of the players entered there was shouting which I believe involved Beckham, Sarvas, and Franklin. Then a bunch of suits grabbed the boys and shuttled them off. This occurred at half time.
Jared DuBois ‏ @Jrodius
Very interested in accounts that Galaxy players got into shouting match in tunnel at HT. Two of which were allegedly Beck's and Sarvas.

Holy smokes. Did a DeLorean just fly down Avalon Boulevard in the rain and turn the clock back to 2008? With these allegations, it seems that way.

Thus, a combination of poor on-field play, a halftime tactical substitution and a complete lack of professionalism at halftime consigns David Beckham to his lowest rating yet this year. And this is against a middle-of-the-road Eastern Conference team led by a manager who is a just a few games into his tenure. Morrissey might as well be a prophet.

Rating: 3/10

Los Angeles Galaxy

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