Kobe Bryant MVP? Who Cares!

James SamsonContributor IFebruary 27, 2008

I will be the first to argue that Kobe Bryant is the best player in the league. The man is unbelievable. He has the whole arsenal. There is no weakness in his game.

However, does this mean he will finally win the Most Valuable Player award? Highly unlikely because of what the award actually stands for now.

The MVP award has turned into a sickening popularity contest. Just look at the past four winners Kevin Garnett 2003-2004, Steve Nash twice 2004-2005, 2005-2006, and Dirk Nowitzki 2006-2007. Now let us examine how many championships those players have won in those four years. Oh yeah ZERO! In fact none of them even made it to the finals the year they won the award.

So what does the "most valuable player" actually mean?

Nowadays it seems as though if you are on a good REGULAR SEASON team, and you are likable towards the media, you are a shoo-in to win.

How can Steve Nash, who is a good player, win it two times in a row? The man has never even led any team to an NBA Finals. In my opinion, he is the product of the perfect system for his game. He should not even be mentioned with the past winners. In fact if he never wins a championship he should not be in the hall of fame.

If you want to argue with me on that go check his stats for the first four years of his career and then argue him being in the hall of fame.

I want to see them give the award at the end of the season.

How about we combine the MVP with the finals MVP. Isn't it more logical to agree that the team that wins it all actually had the most valuable player? This would solve the problem of people like Nash becoming a multiple winner.

This year I believe Lebron James will win the MVP award. Why? Only because you see him every five minutes on ESPN.

Lebron is a fine player, and I have nothing bad to say about him or his game. I think that he has the potential to one-day dominate the NBA. However, the league and Nike are shoving Lebron down our throats much like they did MJ. It is hard for most people not to give into the hype surrounding Lebron.

Lebron actually might be the most like Jordan because both are given too much credit for what they actually did.

Now many of you will call it blasphemy for me not to agree that Jordan was the best player of all-time, but I will leave that for another day. However, in case you were wondering it was Magic Johnson.

Kobe Bryant has really grown this year.

He has finally given up the thought that he could do it all. Even before the Gasol trade he had the Lakers playing great basketball. Now the Lakers are looking like the team to beat not only this year, but perhaps for the next five years.

All this does not guarantee him being this years MVP.

If he does win it than we can finally say the award finally has validity again.

Maybe the most valuable player award isn't as valuable as it once was. It has lost all of its prestige. So who cares if Kobe doesn't win this year or any year after that.

A friend of mine said that he would rather see four more championships for the Kobe led Lakers than one Kobe MVP award.

I agree with him.

I am sure Kobe would too.