TNA iMPACT! Slamback: The Return and Revenge of "The Muscle"

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TNA iMPACT! Slamback: The Return and Revenge of

TNA did exactly what the fans wanted! They provided us with the anarchy that we've been waiting for. The only difference to tonight as opposed to other nights of anarchy: The Front Line Struck Back...with a Maple Leaf Vengeance!

Here's the recap of tonight's TNA IMPACT!

As the show begins, we see highlights from last Sunday’s Genesis pay per view. The show goes live with the arrival of The Main Event Mafia, led by leader Kurt Angle. Angle comes out to gloat about their glorious hits and the casualties they’ve left behind. He then guarantees that the war will end…tonight! As Angle goes off about tonight, Hernandez of LAX comes out to cash in his Feast or Fired World Title Shot.

First Bout: Hernandez vs. Sting (TNA World Heavyweight Championship)

Hernandez shows that raw power that makes him Super Mex. But as he goes for the Supermex, Sting counters into a Scorpion Death Drop to pick up the near fall. As Sting and Angle distract Shane Sewell, Scott Steiner chokes the Big Mex. As Hernandez tries to end the match, Booker T throws in a shirt to blind Hernandez, and Steiner comes in to attack the LAX member.

This causes the Mafia to jump in and hands the DQ on Sting. Sewell jumps in and keeps the ambush from escalating as Homicide tries to intervene. But the numbers catch up and the Mafia takes back control.

But the Mafia has bigger problems as The Front Line starts coming down to take back the ring. After AJ gets ambushed, Brother Devon sprints to the ring...along with his partner, the returning Brother Ray. Team 3D enters the ring looking for revenge on the Mafia. As LAX tosses in the table, it quickly disappears as Brother Ray sends Kurt Angle through it!

Now that’s a way to start off a show!

As TNA goes back live, AJ Styles and Team 3D are in the ring. Brother Devon decides that he will kick the new year off by kicking Kurt Angle’s ass at Against All Odds. Brother Ray takes the mic and tells them that they didn’t get the job done.

Brother Ray then follows his Devon’s lead and decides that he wants Sting at Against All Odds. The reason: Because when Ray was being decimated by the Mafia, Sting did nothing…he just walked away. So he’s coming for Sting…and he’s coming for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship!

Back on IMPACT, we find out that along with the laundry list of bruises, Jeff Jarrett has a broken ankle, several broken ribs and a Grade One Concussion. In the back, Angle is not cleared to compete by doctors after getting thrown through a table. Steiner steps up and tells his leader that he can face Styles tonight.

Intermission: The Contract Signing for The Beautiful People & The “Gov”

The Beautiful People and The Gov head to the ring to sign the official document guaranteeing them a spot in her cabinet (though she didn’t win the election). The Gov goes through all the things these two ladies have done to earn this spot. Angelina Love and Velvet Sky sign the document without reading it of course, and afterwards, Taylor Wilde and Roxxi come out to let them know what is already known: These bimbos are stupid!

Taylor makes it clear that “we are not Divas…we are Knockouts!” Roxxi makes it clear that this was all a prank set up by the two of them. But the big surprise comes from the sky as Love and Sky get covered in…well, you know.

Second Bout: Kongtourage vs. ODB, Taylor Wilde and Roxxi

After ODB and Wilde take out Raisha and Sojourner, Roxxi counters a choke slam and drops Rhaka Khan with the Voodoo Buster to pick up the win for The Knockouts.

In the back, Booker T is vying for the opportunity to face AJ Styles tonight due to Angle’s injury.

Third Bout: The Monstrous Blueprint vs. The Lethal Consequences (#1 Contenders Match)

The match is action packed from the get go, but it is an inadvertent power bomb from Abyss that allows The Lethal Consequences to pick up the win and a rematch for the TNA Tag Team Championships against Beer Money. But after the bell, The Blueprint shows his disdain for the loss as he piefaces The Monster, causing a fight between the two men that has to be broken up by referees and security.

In the back, Jim Cornette is waiting for Angle’s decision on his replacement for tonight, but Booker has a simple suggestion in deciding who faces Styles…an old game from the hood called…Eenie Meeenie Miney Moe! After several attempts fail at determining which will be in the main event, Cornette decides that it will Scott Steiner in the main event, and if any members of The Mafia interfere with the bout, there will be hell to pay.

Main Event: AJ Styles vs. Scott Steiner (Mick Foley-Guest Referee)

AJ has control from the beginning as he goes airborne both in and out of the ring. But it takes a cheap tactic to give Steiner possession of the match. Steiner has control and decides to grab a steel chair from the crowd, but it turns out to be bad for him as Styles rams his head into the chair. Styles starts fighting back and lands the Springboard Flying Elbow.

The match continues to go back and forth until the ref gets dragged in the middle and catches the flying elbow from Styles. As Foley tries to wake the ref up, Steiner comes up from behind and drops both Foley and Styles. But shockingly enough, Styles kicks out, so Steiner prepares to go for the Steiner Recliner. As he locks the Recliner in. But on the outside, Mick Foley unleashes Mr. Socko, but while Steiner talks trash to Foley, a rejuvenated Petey Williams returns and drops Steiner with the Missile Dropkick.

Styles recovers quick enough to land The Pele and pick up the win over The Mafia Enforcer. Petey gets some much needed revenge over his former mentor, and the Front Line gets two of its members back from The Hit List. Is this the beginning of retribution for The TNA Front Line…or is this the beginning of the end at the hands of The Main Event Mafia?

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