CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho: Best in the World Feud Sadly Overshadowed

Shalaj LawaniaSenior Analyst IMarch 14, 2012

Rewind back: January 2012.

Amidst the outpouring of hatred for the Cena-Kane feud and condolences for Zack Ryder's back (kayfabe) and career (genuine) stood out a throng of articles and comments that just couldn't wait for a showdown with Chris Jericho and CM Punk

This was our dream match, or a dream match after Rock-Cena. And after this, our dream match would probably be Stone Cold-Punk, but for a while, this was one, too.

The IWC had all the reasons to look forward to this clash of the excellence of the execution, or so to speak, because not many wrestlers (or gimmicks) complement each other as well as Y2J and the ex-leader of New Nexus and Straight Edge Society.

There was a certain longing to watch this feud, and a certain bit of anxiety, something mandatory for viewers of a television program. 

The anxiety is still there, the longing is still there. Nurturing it was the fan's job. But elevating it was WWE's.

A match of such quality requires, rather demands a lot more than a forgotten tag team match (last week) and a 4-5 minute Jericho segment. (this week). It demands something more than Jerry Lawler going all "I can't wait to see this, Michael!" because we can't, either, but we can't wait to see them go at it every week, too. 

Granted the power of vision and some feeble amount of understanding, I do see the problem. Undertaker's hair traumas and Triple H's obesity barricades their chances of doing anything except crotch-chopping, throat-slitting and talking.

I'm one of those of the opinion that Rock and Cena shouldn't be touching each other till WrestleMania and so far Vince McMahon agrees with me. Surprising, yes? (hint hint)


The problem is that WWE just can't afford too many promos in a RAW and not lose out viewers to Cartoon Network and to that the only thing I can say, as a huge Jericho and Punk fan, in dulcet tones that restrain annoyance and inevitable catharsis: I don't care.

Think of your biggest fantasy match ever: Be it Stone Cold vs. CM Punk, or Hulk Hogan vs. Cena or even Grand Master Sexay vs. Brodus Clay, and then when after eons (or more realistically, months) of anticipation they finally make Grand Master Sexay shock and rock the world with a surprise Rumble entry and eliminate Funkasaurus' jiggling body over the top rope to set up a feud for WrestleMania. Paradise regained.

But then, The Great Khali makes his emphatic return to WWE and challenges Ezekiel Jackson (or Mason Ryan) for a most useless big man Icon vs. Icon match and suddenly your Sexay-Clay match is an afterthought.

Khali is no Iron Sheik (he is worse), so they can't make him talk, and he is no Michael Cole (worse here, too), so they can't make him wrestle but they have to keep the feud going, so they make him wear Punjabi attire and dance (read: move hands in a whirlwind doofus-like motion) to Punjabi folk songs for 20 minutes and then shock the world with a one-liner in the end through Ranjin Singh. Yeah, paradise lost.

Despite the absurdity of the situation, I get all of that. Label me a whiny, demanding fan, but I don't find anything wrong in expecting a lot more from a feud I've looked forward to for a while. We've got just two more RAWs to WrestleMania (yes, two) and with HHH-Phenom-HBK booked to appear along with Cena-Rock, the chances of getting a long promo are further lessened.

Before you are mean and scream at me by saying that the match counts at WrestleMania, you'll be pleased to know that I'm in humble agreement that the match does count and it will be a standout spectacle of a great WrestleMania no doubt, but this feud serves to entertain for more than just 20 minutes of a 4 hour PPV.

Imagine Cena-Punk at Money In The Bank. Remove all the shoot promos in the weeks prior to MITB and just throw two top stars in a match anticipated by a decent crowd.

I know we got a promo from The Best In The World and The Best In The World At Everything I Do, but these are two of the best talkers in the company today, and coincidentally two of the best wrestlers in the company today, so as typical IWC fans, we demand more.

Trust me, with the dormant potential nested inside this feud, we deserve more.

Thanks for reading, all.

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