The Diabolical Hater Skip Bayless: Good or Bad for Sports and Television?

Ronnie HampstonCorrespondent IMarch 22, 2017

Skip Bayless is notoriously famous for being one of the biggest sports haters.

His rants on Lebron James, Terrell Owens, and Alex Rodriguez are second to none. ESPN has taken full advantage of Skip's antics and First Take is one the most watched television shows on ESPN. 

First Take has always been a popular show, but it has really taken off with the debates between Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless.

ESPN and First Take were solely responsible for the Tim Tebow love fest. Skip's "man crush" on Tim Tebow was about as bad as it gets. 

I really think Skip may be a cool guy behind closed doors. I believe that he says foolish things on television to bring controversy and ratings to the television show. Skip has been around the world of sports for a very long time.

Prior to ESPN, Skip was a beat writer in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas. Even then, Skip was known as a jerk.

Late in 2011, another athlete had quite a bit to say about Bayless. Hall of Fame Quarterback Troy Aikman had a lot to inquire about Mr. Bayless on a Dallas Radio show.

In 1996, Skip Bayless wrote a book called "Hell Bent" that was based on the Dallas Cowboys. In the book, Skip suspected that Troy Aikman was a homosexual.

Aikman stated that he is still upset about the book and stated he does not know how he would react if he were to see Bayless in person. I'm guessing that I would take Troy Aikman in a TKO.

Aikman, like many other athletes, probably wants to bash Skip's head in. In a radio interview Aikman quoted "I'm not so sure Skip's not gay."

Watching Skip battle with Stephen A. Smith is entertaining, but the dude is more than an idiot.

From calling Kobe old and washed up to calling LeBron James the "Frozen One" makes no sense what so ever.

Skip oversteps his boundaries at times. I know it is his job to critique athletes, but some of the comments are absurd.

I don't know who gave Skip the right to speak with so much hate for some of the greatest athletes in the world. I feel that Skip has brainwashed many sports fans into believing what he says it's true.

It is quite entertaining to see Skip battle opposing sports analyst/journalist, but he sounds like a bitter individual rather than being a highly respected sports analyst.

I feel that Skip is great for television. I am pretty sure that ESPN are pleased with all of ratings that ESPN First Take brings to them. From a sports perspective Skip is not good on several fronts.

 With Skip being in the position where people will listen to what he says he tends to put blinders on several sports fans. From loving Tebow to treating Lebron as if he is Kevin Ollie Skip's impact is a lot stronger than what people think when it comes to the perception of a pro athlete.


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