WWE Wrestlemania 28: John Cena vs. the Rock Will Steal the Show

Sammy SucuSenior Analyst IMarch 12, 2012

Photo by WWE.com
Photo by WWE.com

At WrestleMania 28, the match between The Rock and John Cena will steal the show.

The feud between The Rock and John Cena has been one of the best feuds since the attitude era ended. The fact that John Cena, the most polarizing figure in the WWE, is facing The Rock, the guy who used be the most polarizing figure in the WWE, should be enough reason why this match will steal the show.

But there’s more to it than that.

Both Rock and Cena have always been criticized for not being technically-skilled wrestlers. Although the criticisms are not unwarranted, Rocky and Cena are able to do something most technically-skilled wrestlers are not able to do—tell a story in the ring.

The Rock has made a career off of telling stories in the ring and not just on the microphone. Whenever he was in the ring with another opponent, fans would buy into every move he made. Whether it was the pain in his eyes as he tried to lock in a sharpshooter on his opponent, or the way he flopped around the ring after being served by a Stone Cold stunner, he always let off a palpable feeling to what was going on in the ring. Cena has done the same.

Although the WWE Universe has grown tired of Cena’s act, there is no denying the fact that he is able to make his emotions felt while fighting in the ring. Whether it’s the passion in his eyes as he locks in an STF, or the look of defeat in his face when the Nexus is obliterating him, when Cena is in the ring, you know exactly how he is feeling because his passion is tangible.

The fact that Cena and Rock are not able to pull off an excessive amount of technical moves does not mean that the match is going to be a letdown. The ending of their long verbal feud is going to culminate perfectly because of their storytelling abilities.

There should not be any concerns that these two will lay an egg on the grandest stage of them all the way Brock Lesnar and Goldberg did.

When either of these two wrestlers is fighting in a big match, it is sure that the crowd is wowed—especially when it is against another wrestler with above-average skills. For example, when Cena faced the Miz at WrestleMania last year, many critics said the best part of the match was the promos. These critics were not wrong at all.

In contrast, when Cena faced CM Punk at Money in the Bank and Summer Slam, most critics said that the best part of the match was the match itself because Cena was able to put on a good show with Punk. The reason being is good wrestlers like Punk bring the best out of Cena.

Now The Rock is not as technically-skilled as Punk, but he has proven time and time again that he has enough talent to put on an incredible show with his wrestling abilities.

Also, there was usually a positive reaction every time Cena faced Randy Orton—until the feud got boring. Orton was able to bring the best out of Cena the way Punk did and the way that The Rock will at WrestleMania 28.

The concerns about Cena’s wrestling ability are far more superior to The Rock’s. Most fans know what to expect from The Rock and his wrestling ability. The Rock does not need a wrestler to bring out the best of him—he simply needs a big stage.

There is no stage bigger than WrestleMania—especially when it is in his hometown of Miami, Florida.  The Rock has put on his best matches at WrestleMania. Just ask Stone Cold and Hulk Hogan.  

Cena’s five-set move and The Rock’s ring rust and average ring skill set will not play a huge factor in this match because both of these competitors will make sure to bring the best out of one another and wow the crowd throughout.

The other matches on the card are very intriguing as well, but none will live up to Rock vs. Cena.

Although CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho’s will be considered the Match of the Night by some fans, it will quickly be forgotten because there will likely be a rematch between the two in the near future. The same can not be said for The Rock and Cena.

Once the bell rings and either The Rock’s or Cena’s hand is being held in the air by the referee—it’s all she wrote. There will be no confrontation the next day on Monday Night Raw setting up a rematch at Vengeance. When the match is over, the feud is over. The battle between Cenation and Team Bring It is not a three-game series. It’s more like a Super Bowl match or a World Cup final.

When John Cena and The Rock take the stage in 21 days at WrestleMania 28, expect for them to steal the show because of their storytelling ability, their knack for pleasing a crowd on a big stage and because this match will likely be the end of their feud as we know it.


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