Damn You, Joe Flacco

Keith Grieve@@87sportsfansContributor IJanuary 11, 2009

I'm pulling for whoever the Baltimore Ravens play next week in the AFC Championship Game.

Sorry fellas, I have too much to lose.

See, while Flacco has shown great poise and played better than anyone could have guessed, every game his team wins in the playoffs spells doom for every Chicago Bears fan everywhere.

Every step Baltimore advances to with mediocre numbers out of the quarterback position will serve as more proof to Bears' General Manager Jerry Angelo that they are just fine with Kyle Orton at quarterback.

The Bears have not had a championship signal caller since quarterbacks were really calling signals and if the Ravens are successful under Flacco, that wait will only get longer.

Go ahead, check out the stats.


Flacco    257  428 60.0  2971 6.94 70  14  3.3    12  2.8   32.0 80.3

Orton     272  465 58.5  2972 6.39 65  18  3.9    12  2.6   27.0 79.6

Is that ulcer bubbling yet?

There may not be any better options out there; however, if there is one, Flacco's success will most definitely keep Angelo from realizing the need to upgrade the position.

It's no secret that the secret to Baltimore's success is its defense, which is why the Ravens are contending for the Super Bowl and the Bears are ensured of a great view from their living rooms.

The Bears defense is dead, and it will be until Defensive Coordinator Bob Babich is gone and some fresh ideas are brought in. The Bears cannot expect to successful with this kind of quarterback play.

In most years, it would be readily apparent. Flacco gives a concrete example that a team CAN be successful without a Tom Brady under center. However this unique example cannot be applied like spackle to every team.

So Mr. Flacco, next season, when I'm watching some other quarterback the Bears passed on light it up, I'm blaming you.

I hope you're happy.